I've been promoted.

Uranus is a large, plain, blue-green planet which can only be seen from the Earth with the unaided eye on a clear, dark night.

The prince succeeded to the throne.

All the proposals were accepted.

With all her faults, I like her.

Everything worked without a hitch.

The robber stood surrounded by ten policemen.

He is alert to every chance of making money.


Did you swim?

We're helping Novo out with something.

We have to save Rainer.

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Can you come and help me zip up my dress?

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Portugal is not as close to France as Spain.


We won't hear from Mikael.

But now, when only one step was left to the goal, Orest suddenly lost his courage.

The old man escaped from the nursing home.


Do you want to eat?


I brought you this.

Bud bumped into Syun the other day at the supermarket.

If anyone can do it, you can.

People are people through other people.

Happy 4th of July!


Do you have a school lunch at school?

I would rather read a nice novel than study vocabulary.

I'm so humiliated.

Maybe he was in an accident?

I know you did this.


Micky discovered that Brooke had dated his best friend.

I attempted to get up, but my body was heavy as lead.

You should've come and talked to me.

Pam is smarter than anyone else here.

The old lady believes him rich.

This candy cane tastes like green apple.

Ninja could hear the cat scratching the door.


I can't imagine myself ever killing another man.

Dick plans to go there alone.

No is stronger than me.

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I told her you were coming.

Are you completely crazy?

They're inquisitive.

He is in my favor.

Classical liberalism deifies abstractions and objectifies humans.

I did it many times.

Barbara was worried.

The party went on for three hours.

Why didn't you just do what we asked?

Ned slept in the back seat while Wilson drove.

In the fourth place, even if we succeeded in carrying off the bear cubs, we could not run up a mountain without stopping to rest.

She's done this before.

They assisted him in performing the operation.

Is he a friend of yours?

I love her, but the feeling is not mutual.

I really wish I didn't have to say it to you.

I know you miss your friends.

We'll need to take everything with us.

If you want to stop a man dead in his tracks, kick him in the balls.


Ramiro's not telling me something.

Izzy is stalking me.

There are probably few young people that like opera.

I suppose they need it more than we do.

Are you saying that I don't have a brain?

Hartmann shot three people.

Jones thinks he might have the answer.

We have less than five minutes to evacuate the whole building.

Don't play that game.

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The food was really good. I just wish that I didn't have to wait an hour to get it.

Knudsen didn't have time to eat lunch.

Were you there when Jarvis talked?

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Any student who wishes to review his grades may make an appointment with the college dean.

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I think this is totally absurd.

I want an answer.

Let's keep this conversation sub rosa.


There are a handful of naughty boys in my neighborhood.

I'm interested in oriental pottery.

When was your last day off?

Water is to fish what air is to man.

Tell her I said hi.

Samuel didn't see what I saw.

The father left all his money to his daughters.

Many parents think it's important for their children to learn how to swim.

As is quite common for teenagers aged from 13 to 19, she's vain.

But it isn't 12 p.m. yet, right?

Eddy wanted to be good.

He saw the accident on his way to school.

I'm getting nauseous.

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Hunter often goes fishing in the river.

She was very persuasive.

Dan was very upset and emotional.

No sooner had the child seen his mother than he burst into tears.

I hope that won't happen again.

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We picked flowers in the garden.

Raj can't come to the phone right now as he's out the back hanging out the washing.

Every girl in the class had a crush on Ami.

13. 12 .11. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Start!

Can we talk after class?

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We cannot change the past.


Do you feel like having a bite to eat?


Julie asked me out on a date.

The bargain sale will run for three days, beginning today.

Are there earthquakes in Germany?

That seems legit to me.

Welcome to the town of Westhampton.


At what time do you exit from the office?

Moore doesn't actually play much.

Such a bad custom should be done away with.

As soon as I can get a decent video camera, I'll start making videos to put online.

Needless to say, we were very tired by the end of the day.

I'll ask him.

Drop by drop, the water can conglomerate into a lake.

Let me give you a kiss.

I was amazed at the boy's intelligence.


I want to thank you for helping me.

The cold wind cut me to the bone.

The smell is atrocious.


Tell you what, Hsuan, you take it.

That publisher specialises in children's books.

When does Bart eat breakfast?

I continued taking photographs.

If I am busy then I may arrive late.

You're not paying attention!

I'd like you to come back next week.

I have no intention of changing.

Is Srikanth the one who told you that?

I can't play tennis very well.

I have been to the supermarket.


I've got a million things to do.


I read on my smartphone, because it fits in my pocket, while books don't.

Sanche did it willingly.

Truth is a dangerous thing.

King could be anywhere by now.

There are no shortcuts to the top, only to the bottom.

Arne is a coward. He is afraid of his own shadow.

There's something I don't get.


I only want a bit more coffee.

If you're busy, I'll ask someone else to help me.

I give you everything you ask for, but you never seem satisfied.


Noam's dog is a mutt.

When was the last time you took a whole day just for yourself?

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

I should've left him a note.

Why don't you just go take a hike?

Would you like a cup of tea now?

Please don't feed the pigeons.


Stay a while.

Oleg's favorite thing was cooking.

Open up your mind.

I didn't hire him.

He works all the harder because his baby was born.


It's a great truth.

Can you guess this riddle?

Don't waste time on trifles.

Lila isn't helpful.

Have you figured out the math problem yet?

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Even though eye witnesses saw the HMAS Sydney sink in 1941, it took 60 years to locate the wreck on the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

It's really pretty easy, right?

I'm afraid to even ask.

Get the paramedics!

Since the consequences are potentially serious, there is a general precaution to avoid infections with this type of patients.

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I'm not in the mood to go downtown.

Are you going to eat that toast?

No, he didn't.


This has been a good day, right?

Germany is famous for its beer.

Who was Queen Elizabeth?

He removed his sunglasses.

Were you with him that evening?


Don't listen to him. He's just kidding.