Tim asked if Urs was married.

The change of air worked wonders for her.

Propellers can have from 2 to 6 blades.

My cat ignores me, except when she's hungry.

I have no clue what I did.

Marlena hasn't written a letter in a long time.

Do you need a break?

Omar seems very happy.

The sun sometimes shone.

Pat tucked in his shirt.

What's your opinion of the Gulf War?


He set out for Tokyo this morning.

He has a good collection of modern paintings.

He is my brother's friend.

In 1779, Spain entered the war against the British.

Were you really kidnapped?

Several protesters were hurt.

Her mind was barricaded against the new idea.

You're going to be famous.

What did you buy from her?

Francois stepped on his glasses.

I'm probably not as busy as Reiner is.


Don't just stand there. Do something.

I just withdrew some money today from the bank, so I only have 10 000 yen bills.

I need to know.

Ladies first.

Would you two like to be alone?

Old customs are gradually being destroyed.

Can we go upstairs?

Her dad won't come, he is very busy.

Your article disappointed me.

Malcolm is trying too hard.

Fair enough!

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She kept me waiting for half an hour.

I'm afraid the story will give him a wrong impression.

Losing your health is worse than losing your money.

Our teacher warned him not to be late again.

The president doesn't see anybody.

It has a wingspan of about four inches.

Considering what time it was, the supermarket was relatively empty.

A girl stood there crying.

What these acts said was that it was illegal to pay someone in anything other than coin of the realm.

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She didn't telephone after all.

I just spoke to her over there.

What'll your choice be?


It is clear that he has made a big mistake.


Nobody knows what happened to her.

Skip it.

Couldn't you go someplace else?


He finished sorting the papers.


My school grades were average.

Like I care!

I'm still trying to understand what's going on.

Money enables you to buy anything.

I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you. I don't feel like participating in this discussion.


They demanded severe punishment for the southern rebels.

Find out who Syun has been talking to.

The last piece of cake was eaten by Sue.

Are you going to kill me?

After battling cancer for several years, he finally passed away at the age of 87.

Are you prepared to just let that happen?

I never dreamed that he would succeed.


His speech did not accord with his feelings.

Debbie is learning JavaScript.

Finders keepers, losers weepers.


I feel better now.

This is a good movie.

How many secrets can you keep?

He has much economic knowledge.

Prices are lower in Kobe.

Are you up to the task?

I want to do it myself.

You have no sick days left.

The sun is 330,000 times as heavy as earth.

I had a feeling Antony was going to say that.

I want to become a kinder person.

Jong got a 100% in chemistry.

I wish I'd done the right thing.


Trusting yourself is the key to success.

You must escape.

What is written in this signboard?

The window was open.

Are you ever coming back?

I couldn't take your place.

I go shopping almost every day.

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I don't have to do that.

"I don't like carrots." "Neither do I."

You have nothing to be sorry about.

I don't want them back.

Just be sure to leave your passport in the safe.

That's an overly optimistic view.

What sort of things make you feel sad?

I'll ask just in case. what are you trying to do?

None of those books are interesting.

Your brother needs help.

The plot twists were predictable.


Aren't you busy?

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I love it!

That's what my dad always says.

He said good night to his parents.

Judge could see he wasn't going to win the argument.

This factory produces CD players.

Elizabeth left us some food and water.

When Mike tried to tackle the other player, he pushed him and he was given a yellow card and a warning.

Where does he come from?

It's hard to get along with Dan.

Joshua used to tell us a lot of jokes.

Roxie is a bit pale.

You are now among the elite.

The Amazon is the second longest river in the world, next to the Nile.


Do you have an item that you always carried with you as child?


I am crazy over you.

What do you need it for?

Tickets are $30 per person and $13 for designated drivers.

The cat on the table is sleeping.

Being offended by freedom of speech should never be regarded as a justification for violence.


I thought that he knew everything about Japan.

Kaj said he wanted to kill himself.

Weather changes often.

We've already done our work.

I thought you could use a friend.

Keiko buried her head in the pillow and cried.

War arouses the animal in man.

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Not all horses were born equal. A few were born to win.

You do have a point.

I felt the earthquake.

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There are some children around the office.

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Sorry, but I can't hear you very well.

The trip will cost somewhere between $1,000 and $2,000.

The road here slopes up slightly.

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My earliest thoughts were about phonetics.

It looks like you don't really know what to do.

You will find something that interests you.

I would like to meet her.

To where does this road lead?

I have something to tell her.

Hans is not going to like it.

Tomas can't get around without a wheelchair.

I'm angry at the neglect of these children.

I want her put in prison.

Isn't that your nail-biting son?

Joanne admitted defeat.

Tao is a Briton.

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From the spring equinox the days become longer than the nights, and living creatures are becoming full of life.

That never happened, of course.

He works hard that he may pass the examination.


Please mark the correct answer.


I hope your car doesn't get stolen.

He obtained the job through the good offices of his friend.

Do not make a major problem out of a minor one.

"I can't bear to be doing nothing!" you often hear people say.

I'm sure Cathrin is fine.

Can I count on you being at the meeting tomorrow?

When he was young, he had an arrogant air.

It worked perfectly the first time.

The boy is afraid to go to bed in the dark.

I have great faith in you.

I can't stand this any longer.

I'm tired of your nagging.

Try to estimate how much you spent on books.

I doubt whether a native speaker would say it like that.

We start classes next Monday.

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Who are these two boys?

I didn't think you had it in you.

I want to see Perry in an hour.


I really want this.

I personally believe that you're right.

I guess Ellen doesn't know.


That book contains useful ideas.

Eli abused my confidence.

You can just sit there and relax a bit if you like.