Which one would you recommend?

I'll talk to Tracy in the morning.


Do you want to see what I have in my suitcase?

Japan is ahead of other advanced countries in electronics.

Micheal isn't certain about the answer.

Armed forces besieged the city.

I don't see the problem.

Why would anyone think that was a good idea?

I haven't spoken to Marguerite since I left Boston.

Naoto came into the room wearing a bathrobe.

I have a very important issue to you. An issue that can't be addressed on the phone. Can we meet?


In France, a great amount of wine is consumed.

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There must be something else to drink.

We have a warrant to search your house.

Recently, the dignity and importance of the Japanese father has diminished.

I don't care that I don't have an opinion.

It's a complete disaster.


Raif is trying to trick you.

Jinny wondered if Gabriel really loved her.

I knew it all along.


Siegurd has already done what he said he'd do.

Hey, I said I was sorry.

Where are the cops?

Please undo the package.

Whenever I travel, I prefer to fly.


You'll have to study harder from now on.

The word "Entbindung" "birth" is ambiguous, it can also mean "death".

"If there is an accident," he says, "they will know right away."


Is the snake alive?

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My brother sends you his warm regards.

Syun crushed the box.

I think this is a good thing.


I knew you'd enjoy that movie.


The flash of lightning precedes the sound of thunder.

Did you remember to thank them?

You haven't got a chance.

Both Suyog and Heinz work as models.

If you pass the exam, how about we go to the bar to drink beer?


He's been working all day long.

So where does he live?

Nearly every woman I know has experienced some instance of sexual harassment.

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Lake Towada is in the north of Japan.

Have you bought your ticket already?

Sabrina read somewhere that short people need more sleep than tall people.


Worries aged him rapidly.


Where've you been recently?

The population of Tokyo is larger than that of Osaka.

It was a simple mistake.


Pamela's mother was crying.

You are not permitted to touch the art.

Go back to your seats.

George looked to Patricio for guidance.

I'll sign the petition.

You'd better go find a job instead of fucking around.

Wine makes glad the heart of man.

There were storms in that region of the country.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

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Kill them all. Spare no one.

Who can one trust ?

Take it upstairs.

The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, is almost a casanova.

She isn't there again; that happens often.

Manjeri is an accomplished swimmer.

Joseph got life for shooting Ian.

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Karl slept under a bridge last night.

List often goes there to play chess.

The autocrat strove in vain to deal with the awkward situation.

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He began to make his escape.

I want you to know I appreciate your help.

Sorry to impose, but would you please open the window?

Philip wished that he knew Jon's telephone number.

Are you able to speak French?

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Getting food to Fort Sumter would be a very difficult job.

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I wasn't offended by that.


That's why I did what I did.

He regained consciousness in the hospital.

He firmly refused the Premier's earnest request.


I can't find my keys.

Are you smoking crack?

That building has changed hands many times.

Teruyuki wished he had someone to talk to.

I wasn't interested in buying that anyway.

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But the Evans were clean and they had enough to eat.

Right, I see. But it's complicated.

How dare you talk about Gale like that!

He's only in it for the money.

Your intolerance reflects your insecurity.


Wherever he goes, he has bodyguards with him.

Mr Turner bade farewell to his colleagues.

Every great achievement was once considered impossible.

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Listen carefully, or you won't follow me.


The Air Force has the control of the airspace.

The bus just had to be delayed when I'm in a hurry.

Everybody was looking at her when she burst into laughter.

Vince wanted Brad to cook him dinner.

Two wrongs don't make a right.


Put your arm down.

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I'm just like you.

To film the soccer game, we need to find a place with an unobstructed view.

What do you know about first aid?

I consider her an honest woman.

A gun won't do you much good if you're not willing to shoot it.

I want to be here for you.

"Please go with Teruyuki." "What if we don't want to?"


I've solved it.

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I thought that went well.

I'll call on Mr Brown tomorrow.

How do you suggest we proceed?

It's an indie movie.

Please don't get mad, sir! I'm a new worker!


If I don't come, who will?

I plan to take up engineering at college.

The population of Japan is larger than that of New Zealand.

That's incurable.

His brother wants to build himself two nice new houses in your garden.

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Ralf's father is a Korean War veteran.


I'm just helping.

I closed the door so that they couldn't hear us.

That's the way it is.

I can hear the chirping of insects.

There's a pattern here.

It's pretty clear that we have a problem.

The government is being urged to take a proactive approach to reducing carbon emissions.


Mr. Obama wants to move to Tokyo from Osaka.


Ann is a businessman.

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Merat is not an idle boy any longer.

Louis doesn't need to go to Boston until next week.

Is he a good person?

Right now, I feel like talking.

That's the ideal.

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This is only a horse.


When he had no money, he couldn't buy any bread.

I would like to go to the concert with you.

We have great deals on furniture.


The police found out the thief.

That's a fair question.

I'm not going to school today!

This plant is green.

That's accurate.

The crow spread his wings.

Everyone loves sports.

I've been in trouble before.

It's too far away to walk from here.

What is in the garden?

Well done! That's not bad.

Now, why would that happen?

She told me it.

Are you sure Curtis won't mind if I sleep in his bed?

Rajendra will be arrested.

In all cultures, babies fall to sleep with lullabies.

This towel is harsh to the touch.

I overpowered them.

I wasn't the one who told Hughes that.

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I haven't had time.

New York is among the largest cities in the world.

I was seized with the desire to buy the book.

Where are you now?

Mr. Kawa made it to the top due to his own abilities, not because of his family.


In case you want, I will do it.