Car Dealers can finally create and manage campaigns for Craigslist effortlessly.

Dice redefines classifieds marketing by offering full control and automation of posts to achieve maximum sales results.

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Our software is driven by innovation. We set new standards and create trends in the industry. Dice is the first on the market to use "Campaigns" approach for Craigslist Marketing. After using the software, you will notice and appreciate embedded ingenuity, efficiency, and intelligence. For example: our system doesn't just delete ads of sold vehicles; instead, it will edit those ads with active vehicles from your inventory to use up remaining ad space that you paid for.


Dice gives you the freedom—our mobile friendly configuration makes accessing your account a snap. From practically any device, clients can monitor account activity and make critical changes anywhere, anytime. With the power of Dice at your fingertips… there are no limitations.


By employing the power of Dice, our clients are able to free-up and utilize precious resources much more effectively. Our innovative marketing engine is completely automated and requires no direct interaction from the client, providing a significant cost savings as compared to conventional methods. Our unique proprietary software delivers consistent and valuable results each and every day.

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Dice is a highly specialized online marketing and software development firm headquartered in Portland, Oregon—the heart of the Pacific Northwest. We are dedicated to helping our national clients effectively grow their sales thru the use of our proprietary services and the application of technology based solutions.

Dice was created on the tenet of providing value and innovation—a principle that continues to drive the success and growth of our organization to this day. Our expert developers and cross-functional teams work tirelessly to ensure that you successfully reach your target markets.

At Dice, we are committed to your success.

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