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I think Suzanne looks a lot like John.

Welcome to Helsinki, the capital of Finland!

There were honest people long before there were Christians and there are, God be praised, still honest people where there are no Christians.

I just stayed quiet.

She triumphed against all odds.

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I didn't expect it to cost so much.

Ritchey will hear you.

Sorry, we can't fill this prescription here.

She has spent hours at the gym trying to lose weight.

Immigrants abuse the hospitality of Europe.


I know I'm not supposed to be here.

Nick and Carolyn nod at each other knowingly.

At a given moment.


The lake is deepest here.

He will succeed to his father's property.

He asked after you.

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That's a splendid idea.


I found a bag stuffed full of gold coins!

It snowed for ten days in a row.

You can't unscramble an egg.

Over a 20 year period of time, Tycho Brahe made consistent observations which supported the heliocentric theory proposed earlier by Copernicus. These observations were made using only a compass and a sextant.

He repeated the haunting melody.


Stop being cowards.

I used to do that.

They got away from the place.

Did you take anything?

What's the situation at the factory now?


Annard speaks French much better than Irvin.

Syd wanted to call the police, but Leslie wouldn't let him.

She'd been very busy.

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Al had a narrow escape.

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How did you answer them?


Ritchey left a minute ago.


Terry had to go to Boston on business.


They ignored her.

There are no problems to report.

I want her to call every day.

Hazel is in the hospital waiting room.

I just went to check something.

It's hard to live with the knowledge that you are a failure.

Barney hopes you're happy.

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Jenine burned himself on the stove.


Adrian is my destiny.

She treated me badly.

At this school, there are no grades and students have no homework.

I don't anticipate any problems.

She's just jealous of your youth.


She injected a sleeping drug into my arm.

Eugene couldn't decide what to buy.

The Rhine is the boundary between France and Germany.


This steel is stainless.

I'm sure we can trust her.

I signed that petition.


Jurevis has seen this before.


She warned the children against playing in the street.


We have limited resources.

Where is the ticket window?

Many people consider a high salary to be a condition for success.

Are you quite satisfied with your new house?

What time did you get up?

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He makes no bones about admitting it.


I want them fired.

He's the hardest-working of the four of us.

Can somebody get her a drink?


Rex punched John in the stomach.

Josh paused for just a second.

Markku tried to put a spoke in Morgan's wheel.

We must stick together.

Ariel lied about his weight.

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I've been living in Milan for ten years.

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Let's go ahead and eat.

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Hirofumi is good at juggling.

Ahmet will possibly be here within the hour.

Today I saw a very enjoyable movie.

It's easy to understand.

Do you feel like playing tennis this afternoon?


He will reconcile their dispute.

My sister is a genius!

He was deeply moved by the story.

Torsten will be alright.

You're overly reliant on people. You'll never make it in the world that way.


That's a direct order.

If Katsumi is not allowed to have his own way, he easily gets angry.

I'll sleep on the couch. You can have my bed.

The ice is very thick.

I didn't mind.

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Two thirds of the time I'm around translating sentences or adding new ones.

I don't know what you heard about Dorian.

It was hard for me to say goodbye.

I have so many stories to tell.

It seems "My Neighbor Totoro" has a scary inside story.

I think we're moving along pretty well.

John and Sandra had different opinions about that important matter.

Dannie was lanky and a bit uncoordinated as a child, but he was fairly good at basketball.

Susan is working very hard these days.

He is destitute of experiences.

They bought a car.

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Corporal punishment is now prohibited in schools.


We should rest for a minute.

Sandy wondered if Bobby would think that eight in the morning was too early for him to open a bottle of wine.

Is this a through street?


Old people were tricked by the shop assistant.

That'll bring a lot of criticism.

He speaks French and that very well.

What time did the meeting end?

I lived in Boston for many, many years.


How many people do you think die from cancer every year?

Go to bed.

Go straight ahead and you will find it. You can't miss it.

Why do you try to run away?

If you have a problem with that, we should talk about it.

There's one small problem.

Mohammad will be in touch with us.

I thought you told me you couldn't speak French.

In the summer, it's very humid.

But few of them are worth reading.

"Are Kirk and Kees dating?" "No, they're just good friends."

An angry crowd screamed at her.

I don't ever want to hear that name in this house! Never again!


"Do you suspect me?" "Should I?"


Rhonda is seated across the table from Joachim.

Just hold your position till I arrive.

There are many bridges in this city.

We need to go to the bank.

She chopped a tree down.


I grew up with her.


Maybe you should also ask.


I asked him if he was busy.


We can't just fire them.

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It is better to give than to receive.

You don't really like feeling old.

We have to do the best we can.

I reported to him through an SMS that he had to stop his work as soon as possible.

It's no crime to just idle the whole day once in a while.

Many people have been vaccinated against the flu this year as well.

Secondly, the literacy rate in Europe of that time was low.

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We've only just begun.

Cynthia whispered his darkest secret to Maria.

Do you still want us to take care of your dog?


We'll need some.


She walked past clicking her high heels.


Although there are wide variations in unemployment levels in different industries and in different parts of the country, every region is now being affected by the slow-down in the economy.

She is above any of her classmates in speaking English.

I move that we continue the discussion.

These coins are of little value.

I can't stop. The brakes...

Could this be possible?

It sounds like I'm going to school today.


All the streets in this area are named after famous people.

All were happy.

I hadn't intended to say so much.


Please wait here until he comes.

The ceremony went off well.

Stewart told Dori about that.