analytics and bug tracking for your Electron app

Real-time analytics, bug reports and events tracking with offline support for Electron apps.
As simple as including a module.

/ Import the Nucleus Library and init with your app id
const Nucleus = require('electron-nucleus')('appid')
Visit the docs for more information on the module.

What is Nucleus?


Gather data on who is using your app and how, using custom events.

Bug reports

Collect errors and crashes occuring in your app in real-time.

And more

Alert your users on updates, serve a JSON file and more.

As they say, you can’t improve what you don’t measure.

See uncaught exceptions as they are happening, get a stack trace.
Improve user experience, retention and satisfaction.

Nucleus is always improving. In the beta lab, you can already try licensing (to sell your app), alert your users on new updates and send JSON data to your app.


Offline support

Bugs and analytics data will be captured while offline and synced as soon as internet is working.

Designed for Electron

Use the Nucleus package to start tracking your app in 2 minutes with only an app id. It's that easy.

Live count

Wonder exactly how many persons are using your app right now? Now you can.

Track events

Track specific features of your app with events and remark suspicious behaviors.

Detailed bug tracking

Know what bugs are happening on what platforms to improve your app accordingly.

User tracking

Track specific users, their machines and their actions through your app to better understand their behavior.

Straighforward pricing

For a limited time, sign up to the Pro or Unlimited plan for a discounted price and keep it forever.

Developer free 10 users per day 1 app 90 days data retention Basic support Sign Up
Pro $ 29.00 19.00 / month 500 users per day 3 apps 1 year data retention Priority support Sign Up
Unlimited $ 99.00 49.00 / month 10000 users per day Unlimited apps Unlimited data retention Priority support + integration help Sign Up

Have different needs? Want a self-hosted version? Contact us

By upgrading your account, you are supporting a bootstrapped and durable company :)

Understand your customers

Sign up for free

No credit card needed


If I'm not happy, can I cancel my subscription?

Of course, you can cancel anytime if you are not satisfied.

What happens if I go over my account's limit?

Except on the free plan, daily users limits are not stricly enforced. A warning will show letting you a few days to upgrade. On the Pro plan, we'll contact you to find a custom plan to better suit your needs.

Is my data safe with Nucleus?

Your account password is hashed and salted using bcrypt for optimal security. All communication between your app and Nucleus are done with SSL. We don't use your data for anything else than the service and you can request anytime that your data be deleted.

How does this compare to Google Analytics?

Nucleus was designed with Electron in mind. Include the module and it will just work. Google Analytics was created for websites thus offer a lot of useless complexy for desktop apps, requires a little hacking to work and doesn't record offline activity.

Is data captured offline?

Yes. Analytics and bugs data are stored on the client-side while waiting for an internet connection. As soon as the client connects, data is synced.

How are the bugs detected and reported?

You don't need to do anything, requiring the electron-nucleus module will automatically set it up. Internally, we use Electron's native crash reporter and Node process events (uncaughtException and unhandledRejection).

What happens if Nucleus go down?

We strive to have the smallest down time as possible. Still, if that happens, analytics and bugs data will be cached on your user's devices and sent as soon as Nucleus is back up.

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