If you have decided to travel to this far and interesting land it would be good to know that if you do not have a guide this is not a problem, because you can freely search at the airport in Bombay to find the information you are interested in and for twenty dollars rent a guide that will give you all yourself to make your stay as good as possible. It is recommended to come in winter from October to April with as much clean cotton as it will be easier for you to paddle the climate we just did not get used to. What might be most delightful to you is the diversity of people living there that you can see in the center of everything from snake, ape and other animals, of course, with their riders.

While you are there you can not decide whether or not to attract more Himalayas covered with snow or golden beaches in the southern part of India. Really magical!

To understand India has always recommended adventurers who like to discover the land in a way closer to people and to know their way of life, and here it is obligatory because otherwise you miss the opportunity to experience something special.


All this adorns Koh Samui, the third largest island in Thailand located near the Malay Peninsula.

It is a magical island that has gained fans around the world thanks to beautiful sandy beaches, coconut trees and coral reefs. Koh Samui is as designed for all those who want to feel exotic and experience breathless scenes. It is an oasis that represents a different world in whose interior there are beautiful waterfalls. Koh Samui will make you fall in love at first sight and promise that you will one day return. The island has justified its name completely because it is truly like paradise, and against the dynamic and temperamental Bangkok it is the real opposite and the top tourist destination. In Koh Samui many people look at luxury European destinations like Saint Tropez, but unlike the best tourist destinations around the world, Koh Samui offers more affordable prices. Accommodation is organized in five-star hotels as well as in luxury villas. For those who can not afford to stay in five-star hotels, there is good news on the island and there are three-star hotels where you can get an accommodation for 50 €. Unlike European destinations, resorts on this island are provided on larger surfaces.

The pioneer of this area’s research, Henri Lothe, speaks of the landscape as a mexican-style and describes unusual anthropomorphic characters on drawings that resemble visitors from other planets. The whole plateau is not a continuous plate but it is divided into several buds. Temperature extremes that reach up to 50 ° C during the day and drop to 70 ° C after sunbathing, sparkling with winds eroding sandstone rocks and creating interesting stone shapes. From sand and rocks, over 30 tons of stone arches arise that you can see rarely anywhere in the world.