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He was watering his garden with a hose.

It took us ages waiting for you.

As far as we know, we humans are alone in the universe.


I don't have Christofer's number.


I will probably be given a car by my dad and I would feel happy about it if that happened.


Friendship is the connection of souls.

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Toufic's desk was so untidy that the cleaner refused to clean the room.

When her husband died, she felt like committing suicide.

How do I fix that?


Why didn't you warn me?

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Untidiness was his bugbear.


Many a person has had the same experience.

I always make it a point to paint things as they are.

The doctors didn't expect my sister to recover as well as she did.


Crime is increasing steadily.

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She brushes her hair in the morning.


I just gave blood.

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Don't you have any feelings for him at all?

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I'll take any job you can offer me.

Linley can't stay here any longer.

They talked me into staying a little longer.

Please remind me to call Spike at 2:30.

That's fantastic news.

Sorry, it's not your decision.

Let's not talk about your job tonight.

I could do everything faster when I was younger.

I've let you down.

I ate breakfast in my pajamas.

I'll do my best not to cause any trouble.

The astronauts were greeted with spontaneous applause.

He's crazy about bread.

Nou expected Juan to come.

I taught Russ French three years ago.

Look at me.

Where are you, Charles?

She sent her son for a doctor.

You'd better do as Emily says.


Swamy knew that he couldn't trust Kris.

Raymond requested our help.

There's nothing more to talk about.

Doyle made mistakes.

This sentence of death, which, they tell us, was thus passed upon Adam, must either have meant dying naturally, that is, ceasing to live, or have meant what these mythologists call damnation.


Sekar is a hopeless romantic.

Wendell is doing all he can do.

It is difficulties that show what people are.


It was unjust.

Don't get a dog riled up. He might bite you.

Panos continued after a while.

There are many urgent things to do.

How can video games inspire us to make better applications for e-learning?

Which player are you paying the most attention to this year?

He has a lot more money than I have.

I have been living like a wolf trapped in a snare.

Maybe you could come back later.

After a hearty dinner, Willie thanked the host.

That's the true genius of America; that America can change. Our Union can be perfected. What we've already achieved gives us hope for what we can and must achieve tomorrow.


The overall goal of the Juno mission is to improve our understanding of the solar system by understanding the origin and evolution of Jupiter.

I might be able to arrange that.

All the seats are reserved.

If you want to change your mind, I'd understand.

In my opinion, he's the right man for the job.

Does anybody know him?

Srivatsan hoped Ning would be impressed.

What'll Urs think of next?

We wives have to stick together.

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The black dog sees the white cat.

Skef offered Toby and John some potato chips.

I should have let you know sooner.

It could've been Ricky.

He began to shout.

Ben gave me back my money.

I love the food here.

Do you know what room Johnathan is in?

I wish it were always like this.

I will get up before the day is breaking.

I know how to samba!

I don't see why we should have to suffer.

I never meant to say anything.

With such friends, one needs no enemies.

This horrible hot weather is killing me.

I was in the hallway.

Joseph seems to be happy now.


Do you have guests for dinner?

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Jacobson is really gifted.

Noam is studying in Boston.

Let's do something good.


Are all the windows shut?

We're not getting any younger.

It's still snowing in Boston.

There are three cases where people are not able to do English questions; the first is not being able to read fast.

She cannot do without her car.

The car wasn't parked where Pria told me it was.

Keep the paper in the inside pocket.


Is Kari still living in the same apartment?


We walked up and down the streets of Kyoto.

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What's your annual income?

Life worked out.

They were pleased at the birth of their first child.

I blame no one but myself.

I think we found it.

You seem to know a lot about Lucius and his family.

Why did Edmond leave Boston?


I could sense Jean-Pierre's presence.

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He had been working in the factory for three years when the accident occurred.


I need to do this three times a day for a month.

Please remove your shoes before entering the house.

Jim got a birthday card from Dean.

I'm afraid that's being a little too optimistic.

They called on us to do something to help the victims.


Cynthia and I are both very proud of you.

Urs explained in detail how to do it.

Barbara refused to cooperate.

You are an American boy.

She was my best female friend.

Paula became discouraged.

"Idiot," "moron," and "imbecile" were all once scientific terms referring to specific IQ ranges.

I didn't ask him for anything.

I want to make you proud of me.

Many people signed in for the contest.

The emergency phone number for all Europe is 112.

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All lost umbrellas turn into paper clips, as anyone can prove when finding these.


The number of visitors to Singapore has increased year by year.


Let's just keep this our little secret.

People have to obey the rules.

The Battle for Monterrey lasted three days.


It's snowy today.


Raphael is always sending me stuff.

He wasn't long in making up his mind.

It's really drafty in here.

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I think I love Guido.

I'll stay here and help you.

Tomorrow might be different.

Books such as these are too difficult for him.

Who succeeded?

Can Beverly understand French?

We all have flaws.

I don't think it would be wise to argue with Jimmy.

We didn't believe him.

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Nah, why bother fixing it.

We just want you back.

In the upper elevations of Arizona, there was a forest of tall Ponderosa pine trees.

I will teach you this skill.

I'm ready to leave whenever you are.

Give him the horns.

I am weak in math.

I read about how to make tempura in a book.

I asked for a seat in the non-smoking section.

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Do you really know who Knute's girlfriend is?


You shouldn't be in here.


I think Barney has done a great job.


Has Penny confessed to anything yet?


Dorian is always secretive.

Patricia, you can't let this opportunity slip away.

Hugh ought to have known that Clifford would be late.


He's a cheat and a liar.


We used to meet at a coffee shop in Shinjuku after work.


You're not the only one who's afraid.