I assume you know Rodney.

She cried herself to sleep.

Hon had a dog.

Let's not forget who Clayton is.

Roosters can crow but it's the hens who lay the eggs.


He as good as said you were a fool.

Why does Julian think I'm here?

Has there been any progress?

We've all been working hard.

I'd really like to go to the concert with you.

Whenever I'm sad, I listen to old tapes from the past.

Wait five minutes, please.

It cannot be done.

The two companies combined in a joint corporation.

Reinhard threw a rock at the dog.

I can do the math.

Make sure you don't forget to fill up the tank.

Have any of you ever met them?

Although there was once believed to be a causative relationship between syphilis and artistic genius, I would hope that the vast majority of modern artists and writers are reasonable enough to avoid becoming infected just on the off chance that neurosyphilis dementia might improve the quality of their work.

I have forgotten to bring something to write with.

Studying how to communicate effectively is time well spent.

Things like this aren't supposed to happen here.

I couldn't wait to get started.

I'm certain Kuldip will want to speak with you.

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Mr. Murata, this is my friend Lisa.


Gerald will never ever forget Metin.

Many people suffer from reverse culture shock when returning to their home country after spending a long time abroad.

She's a very earnest person.


I'm quitting smoking.

I don't want you involved.

They assisted the painter financially.

She looked around her room.

They listened to the classical music sometimes.

Greed seems to have blinded his good judgement.

Johnny would like to talk to you.


The sentence is senseless, but correct.

It's a tough and reliable vehicle.

It is the photo of my new house.

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There's nothing left that needs to be done today.


His life rests on her.

The industrialist found a wealthy financier to help him weather the storm which was inevitable.

Since when?

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Put your back into it.

He was seized with uncontrollable rage.

I love the Albanian language.

I didn't suspect anything.

The movie was really good.

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We'll take her home.

Lorry swims well.

The weather bureau says it will rain tonight.

At least, no one was hurt.

I still have a lot of questions I want to ask.

The waiter brought me my drink.

Gail asked Andreas if she knew his new address.

And in several instances they relate the same event differently.

The party had hardly left when it began to rain.


There was a voice crying in the field.

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Edmond wrote the report.

You must do your best.

The lengthy peace hid the early signs of an explosion.

Everyone worked hard.

Can it wait another hour?

His father died after his return home.

It's important for young people to study English.

Can you make it special delivery?

Earth has a core of molten iron-nickel.

You don't have a life.

I don't want to let you down.

He lost his life in a traffic accident.

Alfred understood the risks.

When I confronted Ken, he said that he had mailed the check. But later he admitted that he had spent the money elsewhere. I've had it with him.

Gerda was obliged to rest again, and just opposite the place where she sat, she saw a great crow come hopping across the snow toward her.

I'm going to Paris in the fall.

We've come a long way to join you.

Piercarlo raised the crowbar intending to smash his attacker's head.

Sharon will forgive us.

For your protection, please read these safety instructions completely before operating the appliance.

Can you order a green tea popsicle and two Tigertail ice creams?

Why do you want a dog?

What are you driving at?

Albert was great tonight.

That would be humiliating.

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Report the sick!


He's a real expert.

Frederick was afraid to tell his parents.

It sucks when no one replies back.

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Maria is gorgeous.

Carsten painted the room in a jungle motif.

The news is creating a stir.


Lyndon covered his nose and mouth with his handkerchief.

We could smell the exhaust.

The skeleton of Richard III was discovered under a parking lot.

I thought you had a date with Steve.

Morris is Superman's assistant.

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I'd like to go along if it's OK with you.

This is a picture of my own painting.

This book may well be useful to you.

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Bob can answer all the questions.

I thought I'd never hear that.

I'm sorry if I snapped at you.

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Any car at all will be suitable, as long as it works.

They stopped to talk.

I don't know either twin.

One must not break his promise.

I can rip you apart with my bare hands.

Why did my sixty-year-old landlord buy a trampoline?

While I had pneumonia, I just languished in my room, waiting to recover.

When is a good time for you?

Thanks for seeing me on such short notice.

What shelf is the book on?

I'm going to open the window to get some air.

We thought you'd already gone to Boston.

He lied about his age.

Together we breathed a sigh of relief.

I've never seen Cliff this angry before.


I will never write a letter to Ken.

I'm little worried about them.

One generation goes, and another generation comes; but the earth remains forever.


I don't understand what this means.

The root cause of any divorce is marriage.

Our team won the game.

I'm sorry to hear the news.

Terrence's parents wanted him to study harder.

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She was too proud to do anything disgraceful.

Sridharan, where are we?

How do we upload photos to your website?

Sarah had to spend a night in jail.

Has Linda ever worked for you?

I'm not holding my breath.

It's a bargain!

Human beings evolved their intelligence.

He pulled her into his arms.


His dress is that of gentleman, but his speech and behavior are those of a clown.


I wish we were still in Boston.

If this were played upon a stage now, I could condemn it as an improbable fiction.

Christina felt confused.

I don't want Kuldip to hate me.

If I understood you right you want to break up with me!

You're just a thief like me.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

By the age of 25, she had lived in 5 different countries before.

Plastic never was very kind to Ramanan.


In the meantime, outside the palace walls, the poor White Duck swam up and down the pond.

Coleen is unfair.

He is a tennis player.

Judy didn't tell me what I was supposed to do.

A display, aka monitor, is an appliance that displays video signal of still images and moving pictures produced by a computer or similar device.

Brenda will like this game.

Carsten doesn't want anything to do with me.

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Turn down the volume.


I admire your optimism.

Jim wants whipping for insulting me.

Not a word did he speak.


If Christofer had been here, it definitely would've made a difference.

This is a subject of which I know nothing whatever.

Rainy days make me depressed.


You don't want to point that gun at me.

Virginia, a wife should have no secrets from her husband.

He tried to bring the argument to an end.


You shouldn't worry about that.

I rely on Dawson.

You looked scared.

Cecilia runs as fast as you.

I heard them speaking French.


Everyone believed him.


You shithead!

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I'm glad that Franklin won.