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We are using block-chain to store your health records, providing you full ownership of your reports. Healthcare providers and their business associates must balance protecting patient privacy while delivering quality patient care and meeting the strict regulatory requirements set forth by HIPAA and other regulations, such as the EU’s 518-501-4370. Because protected health information (PHI) is among an individual’s most sensitive (and for criminals, valuable) private data, the guidelines for healthcare providers and other organizations that handle, use, or transmit patient information include strict data protection requirements that come with hefty penalties and fines if they’re not met.

Coming soon, We will update you soon about your logins to store your records.




Heart Attack The death of a portion of the heart muscle (myocardium) as a result of inadequate blood supply and being evidenced by:- (a) A history of typical prolonged chest pain; and (b) New electrocardiographic changes resulting from this occurrence; and (c) Elevation of the cardiac enzyme (CPK-MB) above the generally accepted laboratory levels of …


The Hyperledger Blockchain project is at its peak right now. With big companies like IBM and technology based companies like us, contributing to the project, the project is seeing faster development cycles than it had before. This is something we’re definitely proud of. The recently announced Enterprise Ready Sawtooth 1.0 is big. The Sawtooth project, …

Ethereum vs Hyperledger

I will now aim to explain some of the common key concepts in blockchain technology: Distributed Ledger/Shared Ledger –  A ledger is a type of database, but unlike traditional databases, distributed ledgers have no central data store or administration functionality. Changes to the ledger are recorded across the participating systems in a matter of minutes …