Mark is a voyeur.

It's very late now.

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He was reluctant to answer.

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Dominic just doesn't want to hear this.

Sometimes I ask myself, what a raven, with its decisive final presence, and its mournful persistent color , may have to say to the aged mountains.

The European Union has 23 official languages, theoretically with the same rights, but in practice only 3 working languages: English, French and German.


He can't stop them.

It looked tough to achieve his aim.

That's very touching.

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A large bathroom with natural daylight belongs to this apartment.

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It's about thirty miles from here on Route 3.

I cried myself to sleep every night.

Are you really serious about going to Boston?

Harris seems quite happy.

His manner of speaking is direct to the point of rudeness.

Those oysters I ate last night didn't agree with me.

We saw a lake far below.

Most of what you just said is true.

She takes care of her brothers and sisters.

Yesterday, I ate an apple.

I'm sorry if this distresses you but I can't afford to pay the sum of money you're asking from me.

Nobody's ever died from working too much, but why risk it?

Rajendra loves architecture.


Darren left without saying anything.

His prediction has come true.

Have we ever met before?


Michel and I have worked so hard.

I'm not going to do anything you don't want me to.

Pantelis has offered to take care of the children.

I really want to get this work done.

She got a proper telling-off.

I am just an expert on books. I've read every book in this library.

His existence here was a state of exilement or transportation from heaven, and the way back to his original country was to die.

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How do you like these photos? I had them developed today.

He let me know that he had arrived.

When did Damon say Harv would come?

Where on earth did you find Dwight?

Toft might have visited Connie in Boston last week. I'm not sure.


He fathered children to three different women who all left him.

Can I get a connecting flight to Atlanta?

One thousand two hundred and fifty-six soldiers destroyed the fortress of Alamut.


This is cute.

Things are different now.

Don't let that happen.

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Morgan likes Julianto just the way she is.

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She's also a visual artist.

List listened with deep interest.

Tell me more about yourself.

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It's our destiny.

Cindy must've overheard us.

Joyce kissed Lui on the tip of her nose.

Fred was just stating the obvious.

A commercial airplane allegedly violated military airspace.

Of all places to meet you!

Roxane has no history of any mental disorder.

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Every law has its exception.

Some parents don't punish their children when they lie.

Your cat entered into my car and peed there.

I'll eat here.

Dan suffered a severe head injury.

Did you write down the number?

I've always respected my father.

Victor doesn't want to live in fear.

I can't find my purse.

We shouldn't have run that red light.

Jerrie is very likely to succeed this time.

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It was a parade with a capital P.

Tightly-knit carpets are generally more valuable.

It is kind of her to help me.


The gentleman kissed the lady's hand.

Rajarshi is overreacting.

They laughed at him.


You are not answering the question correctly.

I spoke so slowly so that the children might understand me.

I have lots of second-hand books for sale, all at affordable prices.


Art takes many forms.

I've never heard of such a story before.

I had fun out there today.

There's a book lying open on the desk.

I didn't know you had a boyfriend.


You cannot forget that he is as young as you.

I have a previous engagement at ten.

The ghost visits her in her dreams.

I have such fond memories of those years, Al.

I feel like I finally have some understanding of how Tai felt in that moment.

Do I need to sign something?

We've already tried.

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We don't do that anymore.

You mustn't be nervous about tomorrow's exam.

They are what we call hot rodders.


Shawn writes to me every week.


I'm glad you brought this up.

I believe in many different spooky things.

The victorious army withdrew from the country.

We built a fire on the beach.

Stick a notice on the board.

Linder is a hottie.

Fuck you!


I brought one.

Tomorrow, it will be worse.

Now I'm depressed.

We'll show Clarissa.

I felt like a fish out of water at this firm.


I drink at least two liters of water a day.

"Your Majesty, have you seen Namowg lately?" "Not since he ragequit after I shot his ass this morning." "Yeah! That old king is the boss!" "Okay. Keep me posted." "Sure thing." "Bye." "Bye."

He is Commander Joki.

For the most part, I agree with what he said.

I demand that he leave at once.


This is his plane.

Don't forget to pick me up tomorrow morning.

I'll keep it with me.

The shepherd is tending his flock.

Winter is the season I like best.

Making model spaceships is interesting.

Julian knows everyone here by name.

May I take your picture?

I made everything for you.

Let me stop you right there. We don't want to hear about that.

I'm ready for them now.


I think he is not so much a scholar as a novelist.

I took care of him.

This lake is the deepest in Japan.

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Charley hasn't been home all week.

Anne will not accomplish anything.

We waited for a long time, but you didn't arrive.

I left my wallet at home on that particular day.

The acid ate into the metal.

They are waiting for you in front of the door.

Did you ever think you'd see David doing something like that?


That would be helpful.

She glows with happiness.

All the other kids do it.

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Great difficulties stand in the way of its achievement.

You can't intimidate us.

This steel should not be tempered.

There is something important I want to discuss with you.

Needless to say he is one of the best writers of the present generation.

This is my ship.

What can you do with those?


Listen, Israel! The Lord is our God; the Lord is one.


I didn't expect her to ask me that question.


Let's go to the stadium, because today's match will not be televised.

She was blind, deaf, and mute.

Tal looked around the lunch room to see who was there.


He is given to drink.


We're getting nowhere with these problems.

Are you really confused about when to start?

I don't know why the management submitted to the striker's demands so easily.


Seasons are reversed in the southern hemisphere.


I need to call her.


The stage was sprinkled with flower petals.

Syun, I choose you!

Can you toss the salad?

These things do happen.

The budget does not allow for this expenditure.

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The accident bereaved her of her son.

The moon is shining bright.

It is important to stress that the consequences are not the same.

The audience were mostly adolescents.

I've looked everywhere.

This situation would suit Rolfe.

The rescue operation was called "Operation Tomodachi".