Kate went to the party to see her friends.

This is a valid point of view.

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At first glance this is not a bad idea.

He refuses to believe that one of my brothers is responsible for my father's death.

He'd rather live in blissful ignorance.

The road is free.

The police have been following me.

You had better not speak.

I'm quite worried about Gerard.

The chicks hatched in April have also become 5 months old. Their bodies are about the same size as their parents, about the only difference is that the roosters have smaller crests than their father.

Why are you angry with him?

Then, what do you need the money for?

Let's try another one.


Don't you like girls?


I have a tight schedule this weekend.

I sleep in the nude.

Lorenzo must've been planning this for weeks.


You will be in time for the train if you start at once.

He won't die. He is as strong as a horse.

She made me wait for half an hour.

Why do you want to sell it?

Nobody forgot my country.

Must I clean the room?

A battle is a method of untying with the teeth a political knot that would not yield to the tongue.

She'll understand.

You're temperamental.


"How long were you there?" "I was there for two days."

I want everyone to know that I'm not a murderer.

His theory is based on fact.

I like coffee.

I thought Perry would like Isidore.

We're going to buy underwear. You're still not wearing underpants, are you?

Visit my Facebook profile.


Margie signed the contract first.

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It is located at the foot of Mt. Fuji.

Oleg knows this.

She lost one of her flesh and blood.

Lorenzo has a difficult relationship with her eldest daughter, who is now 17.

The question of reinstatement also needs to be clarified.

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It's probably a warning.

This evening we are going to dine at Alastair's house.

We have to get it done now.

Small pots have long handles.

I want you to finish your homework before you start playing games.

I was just blowing off steam.

Heather has been watching Damon like a hawk all morning.

There were almost 100 people, few of whom I had seen before.

He is in his early twenties.

Did you know Ricky was unhappy?

I can't possibly accept this.

Did you know I was going to get fired?

Heisei is next after the Showa era.


Can I get you a beer?

I'm dropping out of school.

I'm headed back to the office.


Control is everything.

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I need you in my life.

Sumitro may still have a chance.

While she was out the thief got away with her jewels.


I'm afraid we're wasting our time.


I think I believe them.

There is no telling exactly when the earth was born.

Stuart couldn't hold back his tears.


Nelken skimmed the list.

I feed meat to my dog.

How was the fishing?

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The war's been going on for years.


With my dictionary I can translate anything!

Courtney didn't answer Nathan's question.

It's a living being, so of course it shits.


Elwood couldn't persuade Sid to stay.

She loves him now more than she did before.

The police recovered the stolen jewelry.

There are many wild animals in this forest.

The art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds to satisfy it afterwards.

I'm persevering.

Joyce told us that we should leave right away.

I think they'd make a cute couple, don't you?

Stefan was reading the newspaper when Alejandro walked in.

Where did you find that dress?

You are evil! You are all demons!


He called at the baker's on the way home.


John sat looking out of the window.

That is why all the students in the class agreed with him.

The first was the school uniform.

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As soon as you arrive, she will make something to eat.

Spending time with your family should be your priority.

I'm going out with Loyd.


If the students are bored, they will find ways to entertain themselves.


Dewey opened his eyes again.


There is a mass of dark clouds in the sky.

I just remembered something.

I'm going to correct this.

Thanks to the favorable wind, we soon reached the island.

I'm not ready to do that yet.

Maurice didn't want Alison to get hurt.

The Statue of Liberty is the symbol of the United States.

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There are differences in usage.

Laurence came up with a new idea.

He speaks as if he had read the book before.


Vishal took off that way.


Hello? Are you still there?

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I'm worried about my future.

I doubt your good sense.

Ravindran was sick in bed for about three months.

Many Argentinians prefer to use a car and not the public transport.

The doctor prescribed her medicine.

She started dancing when she was eight.

I'll always remember Peggy.

Sam and Annard broke up last week.

Grace couldn't understand why Pamela didn't like him.

Well-made roads extend far from the city.

We can't solve this problem.

How do you manage not to love him?

Who do you think you're kidding?

Can we talk to you for a second?

Cecilia rides a bicycle.


What's taking Eddie so long?

I don't know French that well.

Kristian stayed here.


I received a warm welcome.

That sofa is less expensive than this table.

Be careful when you pass through the street's busy traffic.

Triantaphyllos lost a leg.

A crow is as black as coal.


I thought you said Clem didn't like you.


I have many photos.


Pick anything you like.

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I like them better.


I translated this sentence twice.


My house is filled with things.

This is a very special day.

Ahmet looks really cute today.

The ice caps are melting.

Don't throw that out.

Marsh stopped to talk to Oleg.

I shouldn't have called.


I wish we could go back home.


She loved Hy.

Kenton took her hands in his.

She doesn't sleep anymore.

Did you crash your car into something?

He's in a rough spot.


Sumitro and I went to the same high school. He was two years above me.

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Miltos was sleeping when the doorbell rang.

Srivatsan asked me if I wanted to have a drink.

Rise and shine, Johnny.

They know what happened.

Let me show it to you.

This motel has a swimming pool.

I don't know what's what.

The baby was crying.

The end of the world is very near!

You have to eat regularly.

When asked how to do it, he said he didn't know.


Allan seems interested.

We have to find a way to get that done.

Let's stop wasting time.


It's a big country, Elisabeth.