That is always great fun.

I take it you talked to Juan.

Try to get your thoughts in order.

I wish you'd never been born.


Tollefsen wondered what it would be like to be deaf.

You need to study French harder.

Roberta followed close behind Tony.

It seems that Sergei has been very busy.

Are you stupid or incompetent?

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I saw them trip and fall.

Yesterday there were two weddings here.

I'll show that to Rodger.

Bonnie told me the story of his life.

I just need some coffee.

The snake shed its skin.

I went to bed at ten yesterday.


How many times a year do you go to the beach?

He is liked by Ellen.

My dream is to become a pilot.


Is this a declaration of war?

Marnix helped Rolfe off with her jacket.

I found a good restaurant on Park Street.

I really had a good time.

Should I stay or should I go?

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Why don't you carry a weapon?

Where were you Monday night?

I'll let you know when I figure it out myself.

See you at five.

Passport, please.

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Visitors are usually asked to remove their shoes before they enter a Japanese house.

He asked me if I liked mathematics.

I need this.

Where did you squeeze them?

I went to the Jacksons' house.

When you get to be my age, you'll understand what I mean.

He struck me a blow on the face.

Connie has a sore back.

I never knew his real name.


Who's your best friend?

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Juri knows how to keep a secret.

Do you wish to stay?

Barbara was killed by Alister.

It's all here.

Tony thought that maybe Charlie and John were gunrunners.

I think it's dangerous for children to swim in this lake.

Where can I find an outlet for all my anger?

Would you care for my plants while I'm away?

I'm really pleased with that.

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How many independent countries are there in the world?

We can't afford to take risks like that.

How can I gain weight?

I have never heard about a city called Nara. Where is it situated?

Have a happy Turkey day.


Please initial and send back to us.

Our guests should be here within an hour.

This apology is not enough.

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I don't feel like doing anything, and I'm not getting up to turn on the fan.

You sound like my mom.

But my elder sister can swim perfectly well.

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Wise, modest, contemplative, studious, never clamorous, even if a bit stubborn, he always avoided causing distress to anyone.

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She is in great anxiety about her son's examination.

This type of thing never used to happen here.

Do you find him attractive?

Tarmi asked me to wake him up at six-thirty.

Take him upstairs.


Lawrence doesn't know anyone here.

Murph has gone back home to Australia.

I can't agree with Srinivasan.

Paul told me that she loved me.

I cannot swim. My leg is broken.


He is the oldest of them all.

As a rule, we have a lot of rain in fall.

That's our train.


I got such a terrible cold because of all the wind that the buildings cause.

Lum is preparing dinner.

Rugby, American football, and Australian rules football all come from soccer.

Dinner is ready.

I'm so glad you're OK.

Is gas available in this neighborhood?

Rand isn't a huge football fan.

You can talk to her.

Who cares whether Neal eats egg yolks or not.

But whomsoever the state appoints, him we should obey.

I'm beginning to lose my patience.


Rik changed his name.

It is always useful to have savings to fall back on.

Tammy gave Serdar a small gift.

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He complained that his age was beginning to tell on him.

Nate can no longer live here.

Julio always tells bad jokes, and frequently he makes a fool of himself.

It depends on the situation.

I spoke French to Kent.

She was able to continue her education through correspondence courses.

All she could do was watch him walk away.


That's so strange.


Need we bring our dictionaries to class tomorrow?

Betsy and Naren are trying to sell their house.

He won't listen to me.

He helped me to carry the bag.

I'm feeling a little sad today.


Hey, let me tell you something.


She acted as if she knew nothing.


None of us could see it.

Your idea is good.

It kept raining all day long.


It was a chaotic scene.


He had his tooth pulled.

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Do you feel like going out for a drive in the country over the weekend?


My cat lies next to me when I play piano, but I think it's really appreciating the fabric of the bench and the warmth of the duct over it.

Bush studied the problem.

Western standard of living in Hungary - but when?

The record was sent to the ministry.

Is there a park near your house?


I don't speak French very well.

Gordon is athletic.

I didn't have time to recover before I came down with another horrible cold.


I don't appreciate being set up.

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Blaine didn't come to work today.

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I never heard anything like that.

Skef told me he wouldn't be late, but he still hasn't shown up.

Darrell hasn't cut the tree yet.

Today is September 1st.

There aren't as many trains at night.

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Buy yourself something to eat.

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I wonder if Jesse is going to say anything about what happened.

A baby has no knowledge of good and evil.

The skyscraper is in the center of the city.

It's on the eighth floor.

We'll do it somehow.


Admitting what you say, I still believe I am right.


We think it's not fair.

Why did Herman leave Boston?

Is anything broken?

It's not worth it.

The house whose roof you can see is Mr Baker's.


Had he taken his doctor's advice, he might not have died.

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None of the computers can continue to run with a burnt card.

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I'll be seeing Gunnar this afternoon.

Hal is sure to come to see us.

Well, the night is quite long, isn't it?

Just hurry up.

Which one is the correct file?

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I met an otolaryngologist at a party on Sunday.

As the autumn gets closer, the nights become longer.

I want to get into shape, so I've been working out every day.


You waited? Thank you!

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You seem to be a kind man.

Raymond wanted to help Pat rake the leaves, but she was using the only rake.

Jakob could have gone to the dance with Jurevis, but he didn't.

It's nice of him to bring such gifts.

I built my son a new house.

Real was still asleep.

Your dinner is getting cold.

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We've solved that mystery.

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I hope that I will be able to help you at some other time.

Hold on to the handrail.

I didn't wait for an explanation.