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Cannot afford to be down for even a day? Get started with a T1 line, a dedicated, secure, high speed Internet access which ranges from fractional T1 (56k), to full T1 Internet connectivity (1544k). offers discount Point to Point Data voice Internet T1 line, T3 service, T3 connection, line access service, SDSL for business and ADSL for residences DS3 for corporate offices, high speed internet access, T1 line, T3 connection, OC3, oc12, oc48, and other low cost, inexpensive cheap and affordable reliable connection options.
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Did you know:
Dedicated T1 line, T3 service or a T3 connection are more useful in terms of reliability than DSL because they are treated differently by your local phone company? If a DSL line is interrupted, the repair time can be anywhere from one full day to 2 weeks! A T1 line, T3 service or a T3 connection is more for mission critical jobs because it means repair time is 4 hours - 1 full day. Your local phone company will prioritize DSL less since it is a regular phone line and they are not being paid to watch over it in the same as a mission critical T1 line, T3 service or T3 connection!

Did you know:
Some Internet Providers have a billing policy where they can force you to pay a bill that they have made a mistake on, and then they will credit you later. If the bill is rediculously high and in dispute they will tell you to pay it now and their unwritten policy is to credit you later. And if you don’t pay them that they will most likely threaten to shut off your service, and have done this many times in the past?



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