We're not too old for them.


It's not only the health aspects of sports that appeal to people, but the cooperative aspect that team sports teach, and the competitive aspect in itself.

I don't know how to legally get around those regulations.

I cut my finger with a knife.


Can you please explain that in more detail?

We can keep playing as long as we don't make noise.

I have an Ecuadorian friend.

Marsha backed off.

I never claimed I was perfect.

You should treat people with more respect.

Hans hasn't been married long.


The situation is very complicated.

I heard Dave singing in the shower.

I could really use your help.


Yes, we can go.

It sounds like she's going to Kashgar.

You're not above the law.


There are wavelengths of light that the human eye cannot perceive.


Edwin wants to do something special for Joon's birthday.

I have a reservation for two nights.

I'm going to call at his house tomorrow.


Louie is repeating what he said.


He gave us a detailed account of the accident.

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You're awfully quiet today.


There is a broad street near my house.

I wish I knew.

We kind of expected this.

The light shines in the darkness.

At the beginning you had disliked the idea, but now you seem to be content.

I'm not learning anything.

He was an example of a famous athlete, in his days.

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It was hard for Jennifer to keep a straight face.

I always catch colds in the winter.

Thanks for the kiss.

Why don't you do us all a favor and go back to wherever you came from?

When I was in England, I had great difficulty trouble in speaking English.

What I'll do is: I'll clean the room.

The genie was sucked into the magic lamp.

Did you make that mistake on purpose?

Go and say goodbye to him before he leaves.

You should help him.

This lake is the deepest in this country.

You will remain here until you are summoned.

I need to leave before Juha arrives.


Ann only lives a stone's throw away from the shopping centre.


All of us got into the car.

I can't imagine what Stephe sees in Lana.

Franklin got a job.


You like laying on the grass.

Let's have a water balloon fight.

Are you on crack?

I'm afraid I have to turn you down.

I'm no bleeding-heart liberal.

Why don't you keep your eyes open?

He didn't want to think about it.

I must learn this poem by heart.

That's all I do here.

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The team is an effective blend of warhorses and young bucks.


I've told you a million times that you shouldn't exaggerate.


This is not a coincidence.

Did anyone see him in Germany?

Many lost their homes during the earthquake.


Patricio said he'd be willing to do anything for me.


Here and there water shone like silver, and beyond, the land rose into blue undulating hills, and so faded into the serenity of the sky.

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Lucius baked Erik a cake for her party.

Where are the strawberries?

Pravin didn't die in the collision.


I've been requested to help you.


You need some cough syrup and aspirin.

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They missed a good chance.

I'd prefer to see him.

You're fashionable.

Cristi is Tait's chauffeur.

The president put off visiting Japan.

We live near the dike.

They'll call tonight.


I have to go now.

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She was at a loss what to do next.

Could you wake me up at eight in the morning?

I decided to tell her that I love her.

Whenever a new law is not necessary, it is not merely superfluous but harmful.

If you don't like him, why were you talking to him?

I don't have to tell you anything.

Dad bought me a book.

I know you think this is too expensive.

I'd like to try this.


Some movies make such an impact that one never forgets them. Such is the case with "Life is Beautiful," the emotional Benigni film that mixes drama and comedy in an exceptional manner.

They decided to leave extra food behind.

Vistlik arrived three days later.

This land is my home.

The price of food's gone up.

He consoled himself with the thought that it might have been worse.

Love is largely a matter of luck.

Don't grovel.

I think something horrible is about to happen.

Do you mind if we sit down?

An elevated seaside bike path collapsed in Rio.

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That's a trifle.

He wants me to help him.

A prime interest rate is typically a better interest rate given to good customers by banks.

Prices vary by location.

Turn around and open your eyes.


I have a suggestion.

He is the tallest person in the class.

I never said that I didn't like Maria.

Why wouldn't you let me help?

She would benefit from a visit.

I can play chess, but I can't play checkers.

They have to repair their car.

Come over to the house.

Please help me fill out this form.

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I hope you're correct.

My host family gave me a hearty welcome.

The maid hasn't made up the room yet.

We're not friends. We're acquaintances.

Sanand didn't mean to do it.

My sister married him in spite of our objections.

The driver overtook the car.

Click here for details.

I can't come tomorrow.

Did you come here to help me or not?

Have you always been a comedian?

I'd like a cup of tea, please.

Are you planning to stay up all night?

She showed the visitor her baby.

You had better go to the infirmary.

We should obey our parents.

No one is in the bathroom.

Note that German nouns are always written with a capital letter.

I know I read the letter to you.

Do we need to take the toll road? We're not in a hurry.

We could not bear to listen to the sick child's pathetic cries.


I'll swim with Ramesh tomorrow.

That might've been a mistake.

We've just got to keep talking.

Rayan loved Trevor.

Could you please repeat what you just said?

The teacher told his pupils not to forget that lesson.

Anderson looked at the sky.


I didn't want to bother you.

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You won't be able to see anything without a flashlight.


He hit me on the shoulder.

Do you think I still love her?

This is why we can't have nice things.

You fired Kieran, didn't you?

Johnny would like to get something to eat.

Why do bad things happen?

Tell Kevan about your trip.

At the very least you could get a restraining order.

We sailed from Yokohama to Kobe.

He's often mistaken for a student.

The next day at the newspaper office he drew a bun which contained a dachshund inside - not a dachshund sausage, but a dachshund.

Can't you see it's your only chance?

Eli backed his car into the garage.


I bought this as a gift for my girlfriend.

Saumya says he doesn't like money.

He was arrested because he stole money.

I was demanding.

Why don't you go ask Hsuan?


You poor motherless children! How I pity you; and yet I can do nothing to help you!


Does what Jun said make sense?

Echo was very happy that his mother had returned.

I'm just being realistic.