Drying of mushrooms

Drying is the oldest and easiest way to conserve mushrooms. Drying can be done in the sun, in a heated room where ventilation is provided and in a special chamber, i.e. dryers. The substrate on which mushrooms dry can be different: from threading to the end, where the mushrooms must not touch, until laying on a fabric, paper, wooden board or mesh taut. Insufficiently dried mushrooms are easily deteriorated. It is not good to dry mushrooms, because they are crushed and converted to dust at low pressure. Dries are all edible and conditionally edible species, except those containing milk juice. In general, the taste and smell of mushrooms are partially lost by drying. Exceptions are some types of mushrooms that enhance the scent, such as elk cloves, dandelions, mussels and mushrooms. For example, dried mushroom soup has a better flavor than fresh, although it is the same weight. Mushrooms are clean (rarely washed) before drying, their damaged parts are removed and cut into slices of 5-10 mm thick. Some authors believe that mushrooms are better to dry in the shade than in the sun, in order to preserve the color, taste and smell as much as possible. Others suggest that drying begins in the shade and ends in the sun. In any case, mushrooms must not be left outdoors during the night, as they can pull moisture and get awake. They should also be protected from insect attacks.


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When you start purchasing foods, you should take care of both prices and quality, which means that you should pay attention to the shelf life of some foods and products.

The easiest way is with products that have a specified shelf life and date of manufacture on the packaging itself. However, it may happen that preserved foods may be broken even before the expiration date. This will be easily recognized by the deformed can of tin, i.e. on the cover of the overflow due to gases resulting from the decomposition of foodstuffs. Such preservatives should not be in circulation because the use of broken foods can cause various illnesses and poisoning.

When it comes to fish, to make sure that it is fresh, pay attention to the following characteristics: gills are juicy red, the bone around the gills firmly adheres, the meat is firm (with the finger pressing should not remain a recess), the eyes are clear, and the shell great. A fish that does not fit this description is usually accompanied by an unpleasant odor and should not be bought. Good frozen fish must be firm and show the same characteristics as fresh.If you are buying poultry meat, pay attention to how old it is. It is known that young cattle are junier and more pleasant and can be used for baking, grooming and stewing, while elderly animals are mostly cooked. There are several parameters based on which you can easily assess the age of poultry meat. If the chest bone is soft and flexible, it is a young cow. Moreover, the color of the legs of the young poultry is bright and smooth, and the old more distinctly dark and rough.


The grill should be well heated to make the surface of the meat fast and burn nutritious and aromatic juices.

The chunks of meat that are in the shape of a grilled bacon should be flat. All unevenness and bulging will burn faster and you will not be able to bake a piece of it nicely and evenly.

Hard pieces of meat should be softened in marinade before baking. In addition, the marinade in which the meat is placed is seasoned and the steak pulls into itself a fine aroma.

Meat should be drained and coated with oil and coating.

White and light meat must be baked at even temperature.

To make the meat juicy, it should be coated during baking with liquid fats (oil or melted grease).

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We discover a few tricks to help you feel like a professional chef.

To some people, from the very view of fitness equipment, palms sweat, while some other knives in the kitchen chef cause anxiety. If you belong to this other group, do not give up the kitchen immediately and eat only ready-made dishes. See Kelsi Nikson tips, Kelsey’s Essentials TV shows, and your culinary insecurity will disappear.

Invest in appropriate accessories

Sometimes, when your dish fails, it’s no problem in you than in your kitchen. ” There is nothing worse than trying to make a plain rice in a bad aluminum pot that you bought at a supermarket, and by the way, the food is warming up in it. But if you had the proper dish, the rice would turn out perfectly, “Nixon says. You do not have to spend a lot of money, but it’s worth investing in several basic, high-quality things like a professional knife or a cast iron pit.

Start making love to the kitchen

Instead of making healthy salads such as kale salad, try with some recipe that represents your favorite food, whether it’s lasagna or fruit cake. “It may sound like a stupid trick, but that motivation in the kitchen can help you a lot. If you do something that you prefer, and after that you enjoy this taste, you will begin to develop faith in success.”