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New Graphical User Interface (GUI) in progress!

A new software for uArm is on its way. It’s a visual programming language that combines basic uArm movement controls, learning mode, and heavy emphasis on easy-to-use computer vision. Our aim is to make it easier for EVERYONE to develop and share their creative projects with uArm. Let’s have a glance at the new GUI! You may wonder: Compared to…


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【简介】 三自由度串联机器人是机械原理、机器人等课程中的常见学习研究对象,而小型化、桌面化的机器人、机械臂提供了更多实践与分析的可能。本文结合机械运动理论、软件仿真与机器人硬件实验,探索了三自由度串联机器人的运动控制,实现了桌面型机械臂的轨迹运动控制。整体过程从理论原理、到软件操作、再到编程实现,原理清晰、简明流畅、易于实现,适合于有一定基础的学习者或兴趣爱好者进行学习、实验,也可以基于现有的实验结果,作进一步的探索。 【基础准备 Preparation】 1.uArm机械臂 The uArm uArm机械臂是一款开源的桌面型多自由度串联机械臂,它的原型与原理与很多工业机器人类似,它小巧、灵活、可扩展性好,很方便用于机械人实验。我们基于Uarm机械臂进行本次实验探索。 The uArm is a desktop open-source multiple DOF serial robot arm, it is similar to many industry robot which is small, flexible, good scalability and easy to be sued in experiment. Our research is bead on Uarm. 2.MapleSim软件 The MapleSim MapleSim是一款多领域系统级仿真建模软件,它在汽车、航空航天、机器人等专业领域都有许多应用。本次实验中,我们使用Maple & MapleSim建立机械臂的模型、并进行仿真、求解,并将体验其在“理论分析-软件仿真-硬件实现”整个流程中的特性与优势所在。 MapleSim is a cross-platfom system-level simulation software. It has…


Buy Now and Enjoy 10% off of Orders over $200

Hey,friends We’ve prepared some discounts for you, and here is the coupon. Coupon Code:LOVEUARM10 You can have a 10% off when your order is over $200. The coupon applies to all of our products and it will expire on June 5th. Go to our store right now and enjoy your shopping! The UFACTORY Team 5/27

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Overwhelmed with Makers from All over the World! UFACTORY Spent an Awesome Time at Maker Faire Bay Area This Weekend!

Hey friends, Thanks for visiting our booth at Maker Faire Bay Area, and we really had an unforgettable weekend in San Mateo. Our booth was welcomed very well and overwhelmed with makers from all over the world, who were interested in the projects we are working on. Our uArm Metal gave some great performances at the show, and attracted tons…

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Hey friends, We checked in Maker Faire Bay Area this morning, and set our booth at Redwood Hall, Zone 7. Come hang out with us on May 20-22, and our booth number is RW78. I promise you won’t get tired exploring UFACTORY world. It’s sunny today, and the UFACTORY team is heading out to our booth now. Here we go!…

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Come and play with our uArm this weekend at #Maker Faire Bay 2016!

Hey,friends Maker Faire Bay Area 2016 is approaching. And the UFACTORY team is in the city San Mateo waiting for you right now. Come and play with our uArm this weekend! This time at the maker faire, we prepared a lot of swag for our makers. Let’s find out what they are! UFACTORY T-SHIRTS UFACTORY BADGES UFACTORY STICKERS UFACTORY KEY…



Great News! We have updated the all the Download Center with brand new uArm Metal’s client- uClient, driver, firmware and calibration. You have lots of bonus here! If you just receive your new uArm Metal, first of all, please download the latest Getting Started Guide and go through all the steps! Next, download correspondent driver, uClient and firmware and start…

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Hey, friends We are very glad to tell you that our team is on the way to SFO, and we can’t wait to see our creative makers at Maker Faire Bay Area this weekend! We have prepared different kinds of gifts, games, coupons for you. The uArm is getting ready to play with you, and give you some performance, for…

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uArm Team meets “Queen of Shitty Robot” in Shenzhen

First of all, happy women’s day! Our lovely ladies must be proud of themselves. Nowadays women are more confident, independent, hard-working and full of inspiring ideas of their own life. Last night, Simone, the crazy cute Swedish girl was sharing her stories of why it is so important to build the useless things, how she starts making and becomes a…

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Recently, most of the queries we hear from you are about the vision based applications of uArm, like the object recognition, camera-uArm correlation, etc. Actually we have worked on that for a period of time.   We have conducted a simple vision based pick-and-place project with uArm, where uArm and the camera are set up independently of each other. In…