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I am whistling in my house.

Sri always shows good judgment.

I spend too much time in front of my mirror.

What has happened to Panzer?

I'm going to take two aspirins before going to bed because I have a sore throat.

There are big fines for talking on a hand-held mobile phone while driving.

Don't think about that anymore.


Miles doesn't play tennis.

We need to speak to them again.

Your friend left town.

There's something on your neck.

I was surprised by how well Toby could speak French.

Could you teach me Macedonian?

He's used to climbing mountains.

He is running around like a headless chicken.

You've all underestimated her.


Olaf is unrelenting, isn't he?

Unblended gold in its pure form is so soft, that one can knead it by hand.

What are we having today?

Christopher Columbus was notorious for repeatedly snoozing his alarm clock by hitting it with his fist. Unfortunately, his "alarm clock" was usually his first mate.

We've never broken the law.

Did you take one of the cookies while I was not looking? I baked 20 cookies, not 19.

We know what we're doing.

What would you recommend that I do?

That is no longer possible.

My computer no longer boots up.

These records are 2,000 yen each.


Are you sure there's nothing else I can do for you?

Where is Paul?

Several relatives have recommended this residential hotel.


It got colder day by day.

They shifted the blame onto my shoulders.

I love cheese.

What was our deal?

We saw him walk across the street.

He is out now.

Dick disobeyed the captain's orders.

I didn't want to risk a misunderstanding.

Who's going to know?

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Are you sure we're on the right road?

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I'm just worried about my weight.

He got angry and told off his servant.

She was voted prom queen.


The study of futurology was his forte.

Lana yanked the curtains closed.

What do you suppose Stagger is doing?


How could you have been so stupid?

I can wait for another hour.

The days are getting warmer and warmer.

Never have I seen such a thing.

I still can't reach her.

Alison reloaded his gun.

Ram works in the building directly opposite where the siege is taking place, and could clearly see a gunman in the cafe together with a number of hostages.

My right hand has fallen asleep.

Why are we wasting our time?

Grant called Murph, but the line was busy.

They can vouch for him.

She is not quite content.

No, it's been delayed 45 minutes.

Rick let himself in with a key.

No, everything isn't all right.

Please give us your help.

Christianity came to Armenia at the beginning of the first century and became an official religion in the year 301.

Which language do you like better, Kannada or Telugu?

If you bite me, I'll bite back.

I'll be in Rio this weekend.

Saul isn't as patient as Laurianne.

The audience kept time to the music.

I don't really like him.

He invades the privacy of others.

The hairstyle soon became popular among young people.

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Washington's army has captured Trenton.


Hamisi doesn't use milk.


Mick is still just a kid.

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Myron said that he'd pick us up at 2:30.

Does the coat fit well?

Aren't you one of Charlene's lawyers?

She likes chemistry.

I'm going to report you to the police.

I have something important to report.

Is eating whale meat wrong?

It's sure to be interesting.

Do you have fresh strawberries?


He's just an ordinary student.

Though young, he is wise.

May I open a can?

I'm trying to be cautious.

Is this really what you want to do?

I'd recommend cleaning your room before your mother gets home.

My brother is out.

Aimee always leaves his bicycle dirty.

I availed myself of the chance to go there.


Dreams sometimes do come true.

My uncle is a veteran of the Vietnam War.

Do you guys need anything else?

I really do hate him.

I teach French at a nearby junior high school.

What did you and Elisabeth fight about?

In his school days he wasn't as gentle as he is now.


I could walk from here.

Our conversation opened, as usual, upon the weather.

Bob did not agree to the plan.


Meeks sent me a note.

Will you dance with me, my little clown?

I have plans with List tonight.

I'm very happy to hear about the party.

I know this to be true.

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You shouldn't spend the whole day in front of the box!

I don't know anything about cricket.

The last time that happened I didn't know what to do.


As so often happens in localization, part of the original meaning of the game was lost.

I took it for granted that he would pass the exam.

Leads lives in a rough neighborhood.

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I'd better be on my way.

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Did you tell Drew you were having trouble?


Do you want to continue living like this?


Are you sure we're allowed to do that?

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I speak Esperanto.


Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.


You cannot heal a broken heart.

Both children are deaf.

I knew I couldn't do it, but I tried anyway.


The farmers were scattering seed on the fields.


The place was empty inside.

I don't know why you're all so jumpy.

Very soon they were married.

Why did they do that?

Larry got here early this morning.

He's on top of the world after hearing the good news.

I love Natasha.


The bus burst into flames.

The lesson which we learned was never to trust anyone.

There's no way to foresee the consequences.

You had better check them at the front desk.

We traveled all over the country.

He was just thirty-six years old.

Do you think I would really do that?


I know that things will get hairy if I don't start studying for my exams soon, but I just don't have any motivation.

I am so busy that I have no time to read.

Can I see your driving license?


I feel like death.


We waited for them.


This makes good human relations.

There's always money in the banana stand.

She doesn't know how to play golf.

Call me at four; I must take the first train.

Please take it easy, we will help you.

I didn't want to talk to anyone.

I want Hilda to continue doing things just the way he's doing them.

You still haven't told me where we're going.

Nice job, man!

Sridhar and I usually talked to each other in French.

I think you and Ning have more in common than you want to admit.


Rik works at night.

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Even a large sum of money cannot take the place of a man's life.

You had better keep early hours so you will be in good health.

Not a sound was heard in the room.


I don't usually work on weekends.

Don't ever try to do this by yourself.

What'll you tell him?

This is one of my favorite songs.

I'm engaged to Tyler.

Stop beating around the bush.

The table is not in the bedroom.