I know you know, but do you know I know you know?

Murph sounded busy.

The president appeared powerless.

They guarantee this clock can be used for a year.

There are several customers in the restaurant.

We were in Boston.

An undercover video shows workers allegedly abusing animals at Hybrid Turkeys.

Are you sure you want that one?

Suddenly, her face was pale.

Are the children really asleep?

Of course, Manjeri loves his own children.

Do you want to listen to the radio?

She is very exact in her job.

You swam in this lake, right?

I did a stupid thing last night.

I don't know when the meeting started, but it started at least thirty minutes ago.

Please remember to post the letter on your way home.

It's bad for your back.

The teacher enjoyed talking with some of the graduates.

I told him to give me a call.

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You're supposed to be helping me right now.


Am I right in saying that, like me, you study Spanish?

She went shopping elsewhere.

He's piss drunk.


How true it is!

He put off his trip to Okinawa.

Is their language difficult?

Tobias was sitting on the couch alone.

Why would we need to do that?

Are you going fishing?

Roberta picked up the paper and read what was on it.

We have to tell her about this.

I cannot speak English, much less Spanish.

The clock is slow.

Is she young? Yes.

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I'm at work now.

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I've never read any of the classics.


I'll get the phone.


Ted is handy at repairing watches.

You've betrayed me.

Miles threw out the garbage.

I do not mince words.

Heya! Where ya goin'?

Pay attention to your surroundings.

Do you have something to show me?

Clifford ran down to the lake.

Normally, that should work.

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Kyung cut his finger and it's bleeding pretty badly.

This isn't a good sign.

His business has begun to thrive at last.

This is a funny sentence.

She testified that she saw the man.


Would the last one out please close the door?


Do you think Isaac will be fired?

He plays World of Warcraft.

It's too hard for me.

Have you noticed the similarity in pronunciation between the Polish and Portuguese languages?

It's going to take me a while to get this done.


The ceiling fan is on.


I have no patience.

I want you to know where I've been.

Do something quickly.


Why won't you let me see her?

Love and hate are opposite emotions.

My name should be on that list.

Tuna killed himself in Boston.

I know all the signs.

This place is open to everybody.

Tell them everything I told you.

"You had better not wear the red dress." "Why not?"

You have to study more.


How can I manage to finish on time?

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Sherman will be so proud of you.

It's better to have no books at all than to completely trust them.

I have the sincerest conviction that this whole affair will end, sooner or later.

That's what people call me.

She's not a good cook.

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You will be looking after Cindy from now on.

Nate thought he was a goner.

Can't we just get her to leave?


We did that already.

I admit nothing.

I look forward to meeting Holly.


The mother doesn't see your ugly nose.


How soon can you get here?

Everybody laughed except us.

These are beautiful flowers.

I was thinking of her.

I was given coffee for you.

I've got good news for you.

She's playing with her cat.

What's your favorite leisure activity?

How come I'm the only one who ever mows the lawn around here?

They built a snowman together.

Most of us would rather not be here.


She was very rich.

He goes fishing every other day.

The body had burned beyond recognition.


Surya told the police that Carole had eaten at the restaurant in question before she died.

I'd like to hear from her.

Please excuse my bad handwriting.

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I bought a word processor for making a book on my own.

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Would you like me to do something about that?

I have been learning to drive.

All of their spouses got on the bus.

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They have plenty of food.

Almost everyone I know has a bicycle.

The revolution won't be sober.


It has to be done.

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She seldom goes to that sort of place.

You'd regret doing that.

Are you going to ask me or not?

Do you want to learn French?

We act without fear or favor.

Harv is lying in a hospital bed.

We pulled out the teeth.


He knows my wife.


I used to use Twitter, but then found it a bit boring, so I stopped using it.

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He will always be with you.

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String instruments are romantic.

We extended the meeting another 10 minutes.

I've ridden a few bulls in my time, when I was younger.

Christofer took Jwahar along.

Turn left and you will find the cafe.

He devoted his life to the study of science.

I like the cities.

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Hommages change customs.

You shall hear more from me by the next mail.

What's there to worry about?


Elliott lied to Leora about everything.


I can't marry Rhonda.


Let thy understanding enter into the things that are doing and the things which do them.

Frances said he just got back from Boston.

She stopped a passer-by.

I thought it'd be worth it.

I am allowed 1,000 yen a month for books.

Joel ought to have known that Vicki wasn't going to be here.

Any watch will do as long as it is cheap.


There is one thing I look back on with regret.

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For the time being, I am studying French at this language school.

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Domestic corn's wild precursor was teosinte.

Ravindranath got Jurevis drunk.

If you're not going to eat those, can I?

It is important for me.

Adolescence is viewed as time of transition.


What's the story?

He's in bed with the flu.

Takao and Sjouke stared at each other for a few moments.


Tears came to my eyes.

Jingbai has been lying for days.

His room is always tidy.

Is eating red meat unhealthy?

The new concert hall is a tall, modern, structure.

Are there people who speak your language in public?

Antony tried to make Cynthia smile.

I erred in thinking him trustworthy.

Greek and Latin are useful languages, so I'm studying them.

She had her hair cut short.

Spy rejected this plan.

Emily will surprise me.

Evelyn doesn't like to play poker at all.