He opened the mussels with a knife.

I'm glad I don't need that.


Some are good, others bad.

She was ill for a week.

The policeman thrust me aside.

Recently we have brought our office equipment up to date.

Why didn't you go after him?

You're lucky you didn't die.

This sofa is very comfortable. Everyone who's sat on it loses the desire to get back up.

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It is no use trying to persuade him.

Moran and John fell in love with the same girl.

How did you end up in jail?

He likes to smoke in the toilet.

Let's go tell Pim the good news.

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Your hair wants cutting.

He is clever, no doubt, but he is cold, too.

You are three centimetres taller than me.


She didn't attend the meeting for fear of meeting her ex-husband.


Amigo watched from nearby.

The deep snow prevented the party from getting to the hut.

You don't get to choose.

I don't want a job in Boston.

It's pretty obvious that he loves her.

How shall we deal with the problem?

She is pretty rather than beautiful.


I know what I'm feeling.

My younger brother used to often stay up all night reading novels.

Now that I hate Ranjit, all of my attention has been redirected to John.


He came to Tokyo at the age of three.

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Dan was on TV.

I want to try to enjoy this.

Immigrants abuse the hospitality of Europe.


Can we please drop this?


How did you get so good at French?


We have a lot of snow in the winter.

It's hard to complain against such good people.

We'll meet you outside.

Leora and Leon want to come over.

Don't I owe you something?

How much is the bus fare?

She can speak English pretty well.


The light is better over here.

No one from Sorrel's family attended the wedding.

I was forced to sign the form.

He has run out of energy.

How could that have happened?


I might be back.

Robin took the precious stone to an appraiser to have it examined.

Jim is about as tall as Bill.

I'm tired of studying. Let's go out for a drink.

Let's get in the truck.


The King of France is bald.

Why is Nguyen mad at me?

I had to get away from Boston.

We will welcome whoever wants to come to the party.

You have to have a piece of pie.

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Can I go with Craig?

I wish I were a stone.

She had a lot to study for the test.

You think Griff's handsome, don't you?

Oleg says he isn't afraid.

I'd like to hear you sing your new song.

What time is the plane scheduled to land?

How often does Earle do that?

I think this meets a social need.

I was foiled in my attempt.

They named the spaceship "Discovery."


Lorenzo realized Vic was tired.

An immense monument was erected in honor of the eminent philosopher.

Why are there fire trucks in front of our building?

Instead of going to the party, why don't we just hang out at my place.

I'd like to talk to them.

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He stopped to put on his shoes.


The chemistry is right for us.


The political campaign has turned into a dirty fight at last.

Why is your head blue?

Toss your gun on the ground.


What kind of books does Hwa read?

It's an extreme case.

That's exactly what I've been telling Ric.

Ed keeps his important papers in a safety deposit box.

Ireland and England are separated by the sea.


This oil well has been sucked dry.

What about your cousin?

Mason and Skip agreed on a price.

Don't put off those matters.

No one is amused.

He works from 8 to 5.

Don't tell me to go home.

Jerome still felt uncomfortable.

The chairman did not rule out the possibility of a disagreement.


Clara has a long beard.

Health officials say that's a good idea.

I'm in love with the girl next door.

The old professor's lectures are long-winded and ponderous.

Someone has ripped out the first three pages of this book.

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Let's talk to him.

St Paul's Cathedral was designed by Christopher Wren.

Rafaela is an Italian name.

Who's Venkata going to listen to?

I pretended not to hear.

Contact them.

I've got nothing more to say.

Hold on to me.

Roxanne squeezed the trigger.


Care for a smoke?

I'm not assigning blame.

Jerome is conscious now.

Do you believe in the spirit world?

I warned them not to come here.


A book came for you in the mail today.

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We haven't said yes yet.

You don't think it was a suicide, do you?

How to go on without you?


Laurence is flexible.

Erwin says he doesn't want to fight.

I think you did an excellent job.

That blouse doesn't go with that skirt.

He was always wrapped by a dangerous air.

The young girl remained silent.

Sehyo doesn't want to tell Stephan everything.

Denis knows the family.

It could get complicated.

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Rest assured that I'll take care of it.

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This condo is getting old. Why don't we redecorate to give it a fresh feel?

This book is the smallest of all the books.

You said that it was important.

French isn't as difficult to learn as some people think.

You had better cut down your living expenses.


Tell Damone to wait in the lobby.


Get them something to drink.

I have some bad news.

I have a few questions about Ed's operation.

Admission is free, but donations are welcome.

This is a photograph of my painting.


These trees will never blossom.

Pascal bandaged Bea's hand.

Someone is guarding the entrance.

You have never wanted to study anyway.

All Dan's belongings are gone.


This one is clean.

He needs it.

He thought of them yearning for fame.


Mother was too busy to see me go out.


Nou's children speak French perfectly.


Bernie called me back.

Manavendra was happy because he was able to buy his golf clubs at half price.

We know his name very well.


Judith clearly wants to go.


Unskilled labor is poorly paid.

I felt very proud.

We really fooled Troy.

You didn't put anything.

Farouk really wanted a cup of hot black coffee.

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I think this bishop is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

I liked your hair before you got straight bangs.

Where are we assembling?

We bought some tennis balls.

Mara didn't drink all the milk.

There's something I want to ask you.

I feel sorry for his mom; he really puts her through the wringer.