Tomorrow's your day off.

I think you would make a great father.

It appears to me you are mistaken.

We've got to find it before Hiroyuki does.

I think that it would be better if you hurried.

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That hasn't yet happened.

Nick cleaned his guns.

A framed photo of my family hangs above my desk.

I missed you so much!

I'll get Pam to call you.

Nicholas slipped on the ice.

What's your name?

They gave us very little trouble.

You'll probably be late for work if you don't hurry.

Kee folded the paper back up.

Tomorrow's total eclipse of the sun will be visible from the southern hemisphere.

Why did you have the lights turned off?

He makes a face like this.

I'm aware of it.

Even if that's alright with you nobody else will accept it. I'll get shouted at afterwards so...


I'm coming to you now.


He grasped her meaning clearly.


We forgot to plan for that.

She had a near-death experience.

The kids are in bed.


Why wouldn't you let me tell you what happened?

We wanted a good future for our children.

You will be looking after Honzo from now on.


Isn't she beautiful?

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It's good, isn't it?

Ask her to lend me some money.

No one had the heart to say he was wrong.


Rolfe mentioned he was concerned about you.

He has powerful connections in the publishing industry.

He received me cordially.

Matthew could have told me the truth.

Your silence makes me nervous.

I have never tried Chinese food.

In Japan women assume the greater load of responsibility for childcare.


She thinks the world of him.


It looks like a pigsty in here.

This place is really beautiful.

I think I'm going to need to get things going between Leila and Maria, otherwise they'll never get together, even though - from a distance - they seem so in love with each other!


Most of my children live in Boston.

I got a temporary job at the firm.

I wasn't the one who broke the window.

I told Christofer he made a mistake.

Judaism is not the opposite of Christianity.

What did you speak about with her?

They did not think anything of the news.


I will take my mother out in my new car tomorrow.

This has gone out of use here.

Treat others the way you'd like to be treated.

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The day is saved.

I will give you what little money I have.

Did you buy a round trip ticket?

Butterflies of this species are now extinct.

Happy people don't kill themselves.

I buy the goods at $3 a dozen.

Cyrus was the only one who knew where Vladimir went.

I consented to go.

He runs faster than I.

Gill knows that Vijay doesn't like him.

I want you to go with us.


I can teach you my language.

No one has been convicted of the crime yet.

He ran a great risk in the jungle.

You can understand French, can't you?

He grew up in a Christian town.


I don't need you to take care of me.

Cross out the incorrect words.

You need to have some fun, too.

We should just keep doing what we're doing.

Tad didn't bother to answer.

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In the summer months Hotta has to water his garden early in the morning to keep the plants alive.

I won't have it good with this bet.

This is mine, isn't it?

What if there's a leak?

It is no use trying to argue with him.


I bought an mp3 copy of Debussy's "Clair de Lune" in an online music store.

How's it supposed to work?

Murat is too tired to work.

Melinda is always grumbling.

Remember that you will die.

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The data was completely useless.

Your boyfriend looks cute.

He's about to finish reading the book.


She is still under age.

Please read the meter.

Yes. She used to be a very shy girl.

They change everything.

I'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

I'll read the book.

Vera had to disassociate herself from her former best friends, who got into drugs.

Please take me to the hospital.

My father doesn't let me drive a car.


There's been a corresponding increase in wholesale prices.

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I do not watch television.

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The key to a situation often is in the neighbor's door.

We couldn't picnic on the beach yesterday.

His illness defeated all his hopes.


Lucifer wants updates.

Mayuko entered the room.

It's almost time to go.

"Death Note" is one of my top ten favourite TV series.

Most of the patients in our hospital have no family nearby. They are often left to fend for themselves.


You used to have a crush on me, didn't you?


I take it you talked to them.


Don't lose sight of what you're here for.

Were a serious crisis to arise, the government would have to act swiftly.

Janice deserves to be in prison.

Did you buy a new phone?

He has been keeping company with Alberto for three years.


Whatever you do, do it as best you can.

Hold him for me.

Some are expensive, and others are very cheap.


I'm going to sleep here.


Seagulls cause all types of disturbances by cackling loudly, spreading guano, tearing up garbage bags and attacking to get food.


They have one too.

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Speak louder. Your grandfather's hearing is not what it used to be.

I have something very important to tell you.

She is precise in keeping appointments.

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I'd like to do well on tomorrow's test.


I've been tricked.


She baked some chocolate brownies.

He has gained weight.

Andrew is also a Jew.


Lori stayed three years.

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Somebody threw a brick through my window.

I'm alright.

She's in high school, but her boyfriend is in college.


The children need adult supervision.

Don't waste your pocket money.

My father got home late last night.

Three other people were singled out for special praise.

We're from Boston.

Mr. Ichiro Fukuoka, a close friend of mine, would like to meet you.

"I can explain it." "There's no explanation."

Have you seen me dance?

I thought you said you liked to try new things.

We've got to stick together.

They set about building a house.


I work on that side of town.

Come outside with me.

My life has changed.

This book belongs to them. It's theirs.

Jeffie is not who you think he is.

How can I tell if a guy likes me?

Why didn't Herb move?

The bartender came out from behind the counter to stop the fight.

They pulled out the nails.

His mother had three sons, and he was the youngest.

Does anyone live here?

You are going about it the wrong way!

You shouldn't have lied to him about the baby.

His health has been getting worse since the accident.

Marty didn't have to say that.

I'll be done in a second.

No lapwing pilfers Lieschen's licorice.

Tell her she should present her immediate resignation.

Do you have a bucket of water for me by any chance? I have a flat tyre.