We bought it in Boston.

We tried to warn him.

I really am sorry.

They blamed the failure on George.

Diana said he was taking Anna to the prom.

It's too late to help us.

Daryl didn't know how many of them needed help.

It is only through knowledge that we, as a nation, can cope with the dangers that threaten our society.

They call you Indians.

What did you get for Christmas?


Congratulations on your win!

What made him so angry then, I wonder?

We need to change the system.

Look, there's my mom.

I wonder if you could find some time to see me.

He stayed here for a short time.

It was stressful.


I've got all the friends I need.


Trolling is a sin!

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There's probably been a traffic accident.

It's really dark in here. I can't see anything.

I suppose I could ask her.

I thought I could help you.

Do you not like them?

These songs remind me of the happy memories of past days.

What can I do to help you?


She is reading.


I have to buy some swarfs.

Get out of our way.

The interviewer introduces the topic of the interview.

Mrs. Smith goes to church by car.

His name isn't Bart.


I hope people aren't disappointed.

Tuan is always thoughtful of his parents.

Your room is dirty.


It is kind of good, but fit for nothing.

Ron hates it when people keep him waiting.

What is this thing called?

I have a package for Saify.

The problem is that Carlos didn't get to do what he wanted to do.

I was reading the book.

Dean suddenly stopped dead in his tracks.

Did you even know that his name was Jane?

You boiled nothing.


The party's Friday.

We elected Jef chairperson.

Don't worry. I'll take care of it.

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Hume is a bit short for his age.


I don't know how many are going to endure this situation.


My uncle gave me a book yesterday. This is the book.

Food must be chewed well to be digested properly.

It would be nice to go when is sunny.

I'll go out and see the fireworks.

They caught five butterflies.

You should stop trying.

Seen from a plane, that island is very beautiful.

The biochemistry test was a cinch.

Automobile sales suffered a setback at the end of the financial year.

She became a mother when she was fifteen years old.

He is very angry.

Shutoku said he didn't know what to do.

What are the forms of "to be"?

How does that sound to you?

The union is pressing for a ten-percent pay hike.

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Don't contradict me.


The stream falls into the pond.

I have to ask Subra to help us.

I cannot even boil water, much less roast a turkey.

I know what you're talking about.

Dan wasn't even born when Linda graduated.

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He is a mass of faults.

She gave me a beautiful clock, but I lost it.

Staying home isn't fun.

I'm as surprised about it as you are.

Bob has trouble dealing with this kind of situation.


Barn's heating is in bad shape, comes the milk in cubic shape.

Let me take care of this.

I'm being completely serious right now.

He punched her in the face.

I could really use your help.

He likes adventures.

Don't make a habit out of it.

She just said good-bye and hung up the phone.

The pain of having lost his family drove him to suicide.

I've known him for more than ten years.

There are various actions in conversations.

Spanish is his mother tongue.

I should have married your brother.

I saw how he fled from here.

Many people are unable to comprehend the actions of hackers.


Am I the only one worried that Jurevis is going to be late?


I used to worry about everything, but now I don't.


He's a strange character.

You did the best you could.

I am pleased with this vivid portrait in particular.

The school administration blamed Shai.

Have you heard that?

There's no evidence this disease is caused by diet.

She was already in love with him.

The woman awakens.

We'll have to have a man-to-man talk about this.


In towns, speed is limited to 50 km/h.

In some companies, employees use paid holidays for their summer vacations.

I found the film very disappointing.

I'm no longer afraid of them.

Carry out the task as well as you can.

What the heck do you expect to achieve, constantly doing this kind of thing? Aren't there more ways to go about it?

The budget must be balanced.

I know who my enemies are.

I've narrowed it down to three different possibilities.

I'm just trying to figure out why someone would do such a thing.

Is the road all right to drive on?

Let's keep in touch with each other.

Don't tell me. Let me guess.

Would you have a pair in size 42?

They called the village New Amsterdam.

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I've always wanted to climb Mt. Fuji.

I'll be looking for a new place to live as soon as I graduate from college.

He told me that she loves me.


Don't worry. I'll be careful.

Becky is likely to win the race.

I hate Christmas.


He was exhausted when he got home.

Where did you oil them?

Rahul is obviously worried.

I wrote her a love letter.

The old are not always wiser than the young.

It took Jane twenty hours to fly to Japan.

There are several important differences between you and him.

This fashion has had its day.

We arrived here fast, didn't we?


It has a gap.


A "renovator's dream" in real estate parlance generally means that the place is a real dump.


They could not find work at home.


I'm looking forward to seeing you next week.

It was worth the wait.

She advised him not to drive too fast, but he wouldn't listen to her.

I watched him die.

I thought you might like to know that.

Remember that this isn't a game.

May all your dreams come true!

I'd like to ask you the same question once more.

Human beings have achieved a lot more than animals.

I'm just following the blueprints.

I thought Herman would be pleased.


Did you buy anything for her?

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Nancy poked the fire with a stick.

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Other things being equal, the simplest explanation is the best.

Radek and Jason were seated next to each other in the back seat of John's car.

I wonder why you would say that.

I didn't even think that was possible.

He was reluctant to answer.


I need to see you in person.


Do you want to say a few words?


I've completely forgotten what it's about.

When he bit me, it was so painful that I fainted.

I ate before you got here.

I'd like to hear what your opinion is.

Sometimes, I think about the future, and I forget to breathe.

Don't push the wrong button.

I asked them.

She wears an eyepatch.

This maniac is capable of anything!


I won't be bullied into doing that.

Would you please help me with this?

I want to see Caroline so bad.