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— Mark D Bernhardt —
Experience Architect

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Partner at GS Marketing Group, Inc.

My partner has a background in print and I have experience in digital. Together, we run a lean and nimble firm that spans the two disciplines, and employs some talented people.

As a member of GS Marketing Group, I also consult on behalf of select clients as a member of their teams, facilitating projects with their respective clients. I have served as business analyst, project manager and various other roles, as needed.

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Indie music supporter, Twitter chatter

After hours, I explore new music—predominantly that of unsigned singer-songwriter-storytellers. A serendipitous encounter in 2009 sparked my interest and I have traveled coast to coast since then, meeting and backing a growing network of independent artists.

Each Tuesday evening since 2011, I have participated in the weekly #CustServ Twitter chat. In recent years I have assumed the role of archivist, compiling tweet-by-tweet transcripts.

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