Tao hung his coat up in the closet.

Try to build up your strength.

Would you meet with us at a time that is convenient for you?

Jeffie hasn't been living here long.

Maybe we should pray.

I'll miss you terribly if you leave Japan.

There is hope for everybody.

Put aside all those which are useless.

The company moved its corporate domicile to Hong Kong for tax purposes.

They left him behind.

Pierette is on his way to Boston.

Once upon a time there lived a queen whose heart was sore because she had no children.


He's concealing something from me.

You and I both know what happened.

After the incident, our relationship underwent a sudden change.

She gave me the most wonderful present.

Put your hand down.

This is pretty extreme.

People with no humour are like meadows without flowers.

The sausages sizzled in the frying pan and smelt delicious.

Where were you the night that Alison died?


I didn't understand what he wanted to tell me.

He decided that his kielbasa was too dignified for an ordinary bun.

He behaved like a child.

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Dave said that he and Calvin are planning to go to Boston next summer.

It wouldn't do any good to do that.

We have to get away from here.


I know I shouldn't feel this way.

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I became frightened.


I'm frightfully chilly.


The rainfall was very heavy.

The doctor took my pulse.

You should've paid your bills on time.

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I ate a hasty lunch.

Vernon is wearing a hooded raincoat.

How did you and Vijay first meet?

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He was slow in putting his idea into practice.

Have you heard of him?

Doyle really has no other option.

I want to study German.

They had stickers on their cars reading: "First Iraq then France".

Paola knows better than to throw rocks at the other children.

I'm about to kill the big boss.

He tends to get angry if you ask a lot of questions.

Tell her to take a seat.

Don't you like my cooking?

Taurus claims he has never told a lie.


Stop bothering Kylo.


Could I have a subway map, please?


Let me write down the directions for you.


Every member of the cabinet was present.

Shut off the radio.

Pontus and only Clem can do it.

Please don't make so much noise. I'm trying to study.

I'm sure I've seen him somewhere before.

I wonder if Mott ever cries.

Let's take a break, OK?

We've finally been given permission to leave.

Nothing's wrong with Marc.


Shall we eat anything?

I read the entire works of Milton over the holiday.

I was in London last month.


Maybe Takao would be willing to do that.

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Hotta and Nate can't get enough of each other.

He was meditating on his future life.

Pilot forgot something.

It was there yesterday.

I can't believe that you wouldn't enjoy playing cards with me and my friends.

All right, what's going on here?

You guys need to go brush your teeth!

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Srinivas could be in serious trouble.

I'm confused enough as it is.

Should we wait for him here?

Lorenzo and Alexis are now alone in the classroom.

Currently we don't have it in stock.

I know that Billie likes basketball.

Roger wants to kill you, Blaine.


I failed to put film in my camera.

Roxana was the most unpopular boy in high school.

He didn't make much progress in English.

It fills it up way too fast!

We stayed at my aunt's during the vacation.

Please just listen to me.

Jinny couldn't remember whether or not he'd turned off the gas.

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We can work something out.

Our new product development efforts must be done from the end user's viewpoint.

She had an accident while working.

I haven't been getting a lot of sleep lately.

He got a better score than us.


You have wine.

I've never been beyond Okayama.

He prides himself on having been accepted into our football team.

It's disgusting.

The enemy won't get close.

"I will grow many trees here", he said to himself.

She programmed her computer.


I had to get Wolfgang to school.

There might be problems.

I'd be happy if that happened again.


The policeman signed to me to stop.

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I'll always remember the first time I saw him.

He hops from one place to the other.

They love music.

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I will write to you next week.

Arne's mother is a nurse at the hospital that's across the street from where Bonnie lives.

I think we still have plenty of time.

Doesn't Clarissa look handsome?

To speak frankly, I don't like the idea.

If you need books, make the most of the books in the library.

She didn't say a word to me all night.

How did you help Tarmi?

I thought you were going to go with us.

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He is at home in phonetics as well as linguistics.

We're the best.

Walt is a well-known singer.


My papers were in that box.

This is a top secret mission.

She said that she brushes her teeth every morning.


Come on, Casey. Let's get out of here.

I advise you to stop smoking.

I want to go full speed.

Sandeep watched intently.

They agreed on a price.

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I've heard that story already.

She scoffed at my poem.

I'm not a kid.


Let him finish.


They scaled the cliff with difficulty.

Are you all set for the trip?

The company laid off twenty percent of its work force; therefore, expenses decreased.


She bought him a sweater.

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Edgar imitated Konstantinos.


Terrance didn't know that Tahsin considered him a jerk.

Dan injured Linda's dog.

He goes by the name of Kenchan.

We have a crisis.

How can you have a belfry without bats?

I know how I can help.

Big cities have too high a potential for riots.

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The cake ought to be done soon.

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I don't understand his words.

Latin was written without spaces between the letters, and entirely in uppercase.

Bill dealt Manavendra a sudden blow.

Vilhelm and Kristian hid their relationship from their parents.

You've got a lot of problems, don't you?

I want your answer by the end of the day.

I'm not the only one who saw Noemi swimming yesterday evening.

What do you say to taking a cup of coffee?

Donald missed the train.


What do you all want for Christmas?

Jordan spent Christmas with his family.

I saw a cocoon on the tree.

The child protested against having to swallow the medicine.

She thought of a good solution.


Vijay slipped off his headphones.

I plan to go to the movies.

They set out for New York.

He hitched the caravan to his car.

My house is a shanty.


Nothing is as simple as it seems.

I'm sure you're quite busy.

You ruined your clothing.