Try to stand still.

Takayuki got up to a lot of mischief at school.

And in many countries, where the animals are already under pressure because their homes are being destroyed by agriculture, things can get even worse.

Aren't you hot?

Tokyo is in Japan.

Lo, thus, by day my limbs, by night my mind, for thee, and for myself, no quiet find.


I used to be the same age as you.

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If three workers dig two ditches in four days, how many days will it take six workers to dig four ditches?

Have some tea with me!

I have no means to get there tomorrow.

He's not a child anymore.

I'll eat after that.

Their work seems good to me.

She has lived with us since last summer.

You'd better wait for the next bus.

What kind of briefcase did you get Natraj?


Gunnar is full of grumbles.


Don't you believe us?

We think Gregg may be in trouble.

You should find a more constructive way of venting your anger.


I want to create my own world.


The two sentences are both coherent.

He is accounted guilty of the crime.

We would often go hiking on sunny days.


I started studying French a few weeks ago.


They could not help shuddering when they found a dead body in the wood.

The epicycle made it possible for the Greeks to explain the planetary movements.

From whence comest thou, and whither art thou bound?


I can not buy spare parts for this car.

Many of the dogs are alive.

Keep something for a rainy day.


I'm going to prove it to you.

Wendy is the only one who remained awake all night.

Why are we still alive?

My new class starts today.

I resolved to spend the rest of my life pursuing my ideals.

Tobias will soon be a father.

I like the girls.


There are only a couple of pieces left.


It was a warm day, so we went swimming.

They made the novel into a drama.

Did you buy anything for me?

Tolerant thinks that everything will turn out OK.

The baby is asleep. Don't make a noise.

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There's hardly anything left.

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I have serious doubts.

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I haven't seen him for days.


This is the first time I've ever opened this door.

I must find some new friends.

She was talking all the time.

Does Jeanette always carry a gun?

"I'm in an Armani store buying a suit, of course," Dima replied.

These are all much the same.

Byron was their hero.


He's next to her.

I don't know when it happened, but it happened.

Someone stole my driver's license.


You need to take your mother's advice.


I'm not the least bit worried about it.

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Conrad has a lot of imagination.

You just had to do it, didn't you?

I've already done the paperwork.

There's somebody here who did it, isn't there?

Being an anglophone is a double-edged sword. On one hand, you speak perfectly the world's most useful language. But on the other, no one wants to speak anything else with you - making foreign language acquisition difficult.

I'm really out of it today. It must be because of my fever.

She is not as beautiful as her older sister.


Tigger asked me to say goodbye for him.

I've done worse.

I want to go over to France.


Griff spent the day with his parents.

Why couldn't Marci stay here?

I know those negative people are like magnets, but they need to get a life!

I've had enough of your lying.

It's not size that matters.


Many of our friends have already left.


It's already 4 o'clock. It doesn't look like he will be able to come.

I'm fed up with this.

How was that decision made?


Are you sure Carol didn't pick Carl up at school?


Tommy is lucky, isn't he?

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What is so funny?

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No one is going to die.


This report is not perfect.

It is my firm intention to do this.

I've just finished lunch.


I'm very unhappy.


The sun rose over the horizon.

Liz couldn't imagine that Marty would really say that.

Frank can speak French pretty well.

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There's nothing to do, so I may as well watch television.

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We had to run the gauntlet of entrenched defenders.


He failed after all.

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Forgive me for being dressed like this.

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I'm the one who has the key to the truck.

After she lost her legs, she had no more use for her anklets.

We could keep it a secret.

I am the biggest loser in the world.

Ariel is a pretty amazing cook.

We should all strive for equality amongst ourselves and towards animals.

She made herself up before her visitor arrived.

I don't know why people enjoy those kinds of activities.

He is not equal to the task.


Jimmy, it's bedtime.

That's outstanding.

I wish to see my father.

Take a little nap on the sofa.

Nobody ever believes me.

Can you swim like Hunter?

Urs should still be in bed.

I'm going to put a curse on you.

This house is full of spider webs.


You ought to have come to our party.


Martha wanted to be part of that.

If school wasn't obligatory, I would stop going there.

The campaign took his breath.

We're not really going to do this, are we?

Anybody can be good in the country. There are no temptations there.

I really don't understand what you're talking about.

I think Metin is funny.

Is there chicken for dinner?

I want you to help me clean it up.

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I have the same dress as you!

Nobody knows why he turns down my help.

You remember what happened that last time, don't you?

This is so unfair.

Twelve boxers chase Victor across the big Sylter dike.


What he told us the other day simply doesn't make sense, does it?

In many African countries south of the Sahara, poverty exists.

Hsuan asked Miles to carry her suitcase.

Am I driving too fast?

He may come, or he may not.

I am incomplete.

He's written ten books, but hasn't published any of them.


Because of a flaw in the original design, our website is vulnerable to SQL injection attacks.

You can call me any time.

She called Evelyn out, but he didn't answer.

I have a pain in my shoulders.

I lost one.

Could you call Ram?

The meat's not ready yet.

Queer rumors are in the air.

She seated herself on the bench.

Tait was offered a leading role in a horror movie.

I would like to talk with you about this matter.


Where exactly are we?

This island has an ideal climate.

You can easily find the bank.

Don't get upset about small things. Try to think of things like a rich person who can afford not to argue.

"Listen", he said, "your wife, my sister, is safe."

Toft managed to put the fire out by himself.

Children play in the yard.


I always rely on him in case there's a problem.

I am very lucky to have friends who care about me.

I think I'm in trouble.

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If you want to marry me you need to get on your knees and give me a ring.