Women hate me.

That was free.

Examine the car before you drive it.


I love games.

I hate this town.

How did you know that Marcos was going to late?


The basic job of an advertising agency is to figure out how to turn a desire into a need.

He is very fast.

The boys worked hard.


I think I've met him before.

This is a bus stop.

Sing with me. It isn't difficult.


Business prevented him from going to the concert.

Jordan certainly acted drunk.

Don't tease him.


Daniel is a lot younger than Emil.

Alejandro set to work, and cut down the tree; and when it fell, he found, in a hollow under the roots, a goose with feathers of pure gold.

The town where he was brought up lies east of Osaka.

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It's a very tiring job.

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I have the sincerest conviction that this whole affair will end, sooner or later.


Andy is going to be coming here later this afternoon.

I guess Julia was right.

As for me, I have nothing to say.


He's quite authoritative.


You see the sun very little.

I came to ask you something.

Why didn't anybody tell me?


If it rains, please call me.

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The reporter shot questions at the politician.


He was very vain and was always checking himself out in the mirror.

My father owns a small business in Fukuoka.

This boy is a genius at controlling RC vehicles!


Can other people catch it?

I love arguing with Marshall.

Success in life is not necessarily the same thing as the acquirement of riches.

The three were arrested.

I'll read you the poem I wrote just now.

Terri just arrived.

Iceland has many volcanoes.


I told them to make the deal.

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Don't you like any of these?

Anita is the first person I met when I came to Boston.

Farouk held his breath for one minute.


He helps whoever asks him to help.

Everyone's quiet.

These are my CDs.

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I forgot something. I'll be right back.

You're very honest.

I practice sport almost every day.

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Today's lingua francas aren't very Frankish at all.


St James Palace represents her, William and his brother Harry, and now regards her "induction" as complete.


Hypocrisy is the height of all evil.

I work every other day: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

What was your response?


Morris and Marion sat on the doorstep talking to each other.

He spends pots of money for travelling.

She's not here.

Laurence told me that he wanted me to buy a painting for him.

You've misunderstood.

Knute won't let me in.

I think Leonard is pretty cute, too.

I'd like to see Mr Kosugi.

She can't stop us.


The company is losing money heavily.

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Cyrus made his grandson some toys.


Don't try to stop me.


You left without me.

Dan wore a silk blouse.

We can see thousands of stars in the sky.

Who's going to check with Sergei?

I don't like using dildos, I prefer real cocks.


He is accurate in his judgement.

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Orville wants to keep things the way they are.


I wish to talk to your daughter.


She called me many terrible things.

This house is quite small.

I am kneading the dough.

Today a law was enacted which allows abortion.

It looks like rain.

She's attracted to black men.

Where were you 3 years ago?

The time will come when you will regret it.

They all deserve to die.

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You haven't even tried yet.

They all thought Emmett was crazy.

He cussed me out for having lied to him.


The play will be repeated next week.

I'm doing it now.

When will you have enough?

You're a soldier now.

I know what that word means.

I tried to be aggressive.

Tai is on the phone.

We have been studying English for three years now.

Gunter was a difficult child, but she has matured into a beautiful young woman.

This is a bit scary.

Here are some words whose spelling may cause trouble.

Why do I have to do this? What's the point?

Ethan thinks there's a good chance that Piercarlo will say yes.

Johann is a great musician.

I would never get any work done then and my ass would be fat.

Kusum looked alarmed.

Oranges have a high vitamin content.

Spread your wings and fly away.

Rafael was born premature.


The play lasts two and a half hours.

I know what Tad is planning.

Can I see it again?

If you shut the door to all errors, truth will be shut out.

Tommy is a classy guy.

I am who I am thanks to my mother.

The dog ran here and there.

Mat is helping Rupert carry in her suitcases.

She has got long hair.

I ate myself sick.

I went to the cinema with my brother.

I need to know everything.

I met him halfway and lent him $100.

Suffice it to say that, after all, this won't do.

The patient got over the critical stage.

Do you cry and throw a fit until you get your own way? Who hasn't? Come on...

Parliamentary activity has become a political tug of war between the ruling and opposition parties over the issue.

Try not to look so bored.

This couldn't have happened here.

Our escape was nothing short of miracle.

Short skirts have already gone out of fashion.


I feel good today.


She will get well in a week.

As far as I know, there is no such word.

How can you make a living from selling newspapers?


You must do it quickly.

I simply have to know.

I don't attend more often, not because I'm not interested, but because I can't find the time.


I'm not the only one in trouble here.

I thought that you could swim.

Do you have anything cheaper?


That's not an answer.

Listen, I've been thinking.

I want the biggest cake.

I see Ti.

We have to be careful.


Who knows what it was?

I want a lot of them.

It's like it never happened.

Rebecca called up his friend Jitendra.

One thing you should know about me is that I play poker every Friday night.

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Oliver didn't have enough money to buy the guitar he wanted, so he bought a cheaper one.

The storm knocked out power.

I wish I had time for a girlfriend.

Spring is here.

The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part.

Did you get a good look at him?

You don't need to shout, I can hear you just fine.

That music really gets me.

What size boots do you wear?

Pain is an entirely personal sensation.

If you are to succeed in the exam, you must study hard.

Everybody knows where Australia is.

I will do it gladly.