You must have noticed that the mace is a real masters when it comes to persistent staring and fixing eyes. But do you know what they are telling us about?

We all know this scene: a pussy is buried in place and in the owners or in the other cat staring and in a few minutes. As the experts explain, the mace are real masters of the storm and their strange habit is not unreasonable. There is a significant difference between what it says in us and why it is in other cats.

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Follow each movement

Pets pets, naturally, are very interested in everything their owners and other members of the household do, especially if their actions (or behavior) can in any way affect the cat itself. That’s why the cat will most often fix us with a look just before the time for her meal. When staring at us, the cat closely and impatiently watches each of our movements, and if we are heading towards the kitchen, and even just to boil the coffee, we begin to swing and rotate around our feet in order to get a delicious bite.

A look of love

Also, the pussy shows your attachment with your eyes, and when he sees your next eye – blink gently and you will tell her to love her. In this way, they show love to us.

And why the dawns in other cats

Cats by nature is a very territorial animal and will not be very benign to look at a newcomer of the same species in their area. This is especially important for those owners who plan to bring another cat to their home.

– When the cat persistently looks at another member of her species, she thereby establishes domination, or exposes aggression towards another animal. If the cats are fixed with each other and do not give up, it can be a sure sign that a fight will come. Mace are visual hunters and because of their ability not to blink for a long time, they keep a prey or an eye on their eyes all the time – explains Dr. Katherine Prim.

According to her, often the lads persistently look at us in order to give them a look back and thus confirm a strong “family” relationship and belonging to the group.

– Looking at the eye, the cat helps to strengthen the sense of belonging and strengthen the relationship with the owner, which makes it safe and carefree. If you are calm, and your cat will be calm. If you are anxious or nervous and your vision reveals it, and your cat will be upset – says Dr. Prim.


Cats and Love

According to their words, the first castle in which it occurs is a comparison of dogs and cats, so the opinion that cats are selfish, that they are not attached and that they do not like us so deeply that they are deeply rooted.

When you “tinkle” your head or sit down on your newspaper just at the moment you’re ready to read them – that’s love. The cat will always go where your focus is and try to “steal” it for yourself. Also, when the cat lies with the back of the owner, many think it’s a message that they do not like us and that they are not interested, but it’s the opposite. As predators, cats are always cautious and look into their environment, and when turned back, it’s a sure sign that they feel completely safe – explains Pem Johnson Bennett.




Knowing how cats think and feel they are the most important ingredient in relation to owner-pet

Just as in interpersonal relationships, in order to better understand and better agree with our quadruped friends, it is crucial that we are well acquainted and understood. It is therefore the knowledge that cats are thinking and what they feel very important.

You must have wondered many times about what your mesimac is thinking about and what he feels as he looks out the window or when you sit down on a computer or newspaper, just when you want to do something or read.

The same were also referred to by experts from the Cat Clinic of Behavioral Science in Portland (Oregon, USA).

Scientists Michel Nagelshnder and Pem Johnson Bennett have been helping millions of owners around the world to better understand their furry friends and provide them with a happier life with their research and dozens of published books (which are known worldwide as the Cat Bible) for years.

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