The Swiss painter and art theorist Johannes Itten has designed the best known representation of primary and secondary colors. In it, he depicts which shades are formed by mixing the three primary colors yellow, red and blue in different proportions. Mixing these kinds of colors is called subtractive color mixing. Inside the color wheel are the three primary colors yellow, red (or magenta) and blue (or cyan). The colors are called primary colors or basic colors because they can not be made by mixing other colors. Conversely, all other tones can be generated from these colors. If you mix two of the juxtaposed primary colors together, the secondary colors are created. Blue and red mix purple, yellow and blue turn green and red and yellow turn orange. The outer circle of the color circle shows the different gradations of the secondary colors. The gradations are formed by mixing in more or less parts of a primary color. Tertiary colors are the color mixtures that you can mix from the combination of all three primary colors. These always result in different shades of the color brown. Shades of brown are tones that are particularly common in nature and are therefore particularly suitable for landscape painting.

This question is not about which color you want to use, but what kind of color you would like to paint with. The best known and most common ways to paint are oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolor painting and watercolor painting. In the following you will learn with which method you can draw certain pictures and which effects you can achieve with them. The oil painting is something of the supreme discipline of painting. It is mainly used in portrait and landscape painting as well as in still lifes. Many artists appreciate the oil painting because the properties of the colors are particularly good. Durability and color brilliance are unbeatable with oil paints unlike other colors. The name of oil paints derives from the fact that oil is the main constituent of the paint and is used as a binder for the pigments. Mixing the colors takes a lot of practice and purchasing is very expensive as you need many different components. When painting with water, the use of primary colors plays a very important role. The colors are usually mixed even if you can already buy them ready mixed in the trade.

Acrylic paints are the cheaper alternative for oil paints. So if you want to paint pictures in the above genres that have a similar look, you should opt for acrylic painting. Acrylic paints are available from many different manufacturers. They are usually available in tubes but also in small paint pots. When buying acrylic paints, be sure to use a little more expensive and better colors. These will ultimately make you more enjoyable than cheaper alternatives, because they usually have a lower quality. Cheap acrylic paints are often not that much colored and you need several layers of paint to get the right result. The watercolor is something like the precursor to the well-known water colors, because it is painted with non-covering water-based paints. Watercolor paints can be used very versatile. You can, for example, very controlled and detailed portraits and landscapes paint. But it is also possible to paint very loosely, impressionistically or abstractly. In the beginning it is relatively hard to paint with watercolors and you can quickly get frustrated because there are many different techniques.