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All was calm.

Alice might have been there yesterday, but we didn't see her.

Gretchen watched Gerard eat.

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Lex looked around and then whispered something into Miriam's ear.


Tatoeba: Got a PM? You're probably in trouble...

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Your words have made me reconsider.

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I've got 20 bucks that says we'll catch the escaped prisoners before daybreak.

Roger that.

Are you saying I smell bad?

Is this your interesting book?

I traveled abroad twice in my youth.

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What language is spoken in the USA?

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This is Sue's photograph.

No sooner had she gone there than she was taken ill.

Randell doesn't want anyone to know.

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You did that.

How could I have possibly known that Shuvra would run away from home?

He came just after you left.

Many boats are sailing on the sea.

We never had much in common, you and me.


Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.


Could you come up here for a second?


If only I had asked for your advice.

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Government officials inspected all factories.

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Would you like to try it again?

You'd better stay with me.

The mission remains to serve others.

I hear she has been absent from school.

I'm quite certain.

Linda is Dan's sister-in-law.

Is black tea healthy?


I'll be right back.

Miki always wears dark clothes.

He is a student at Yushu High School.

After World War II, as jet engines gained popularity, aerodynamicists used jet engines to turn the propellers on some aircraft. This propulsion system is called a turboprop.

I want them arrested.


This area has been quarantined.

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Can I get a pillow?

Huey is the only one here who can dance.

Let's go to eat together.

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Don't worry. I'll talk to her.

Next time, it's your turn.

Try to appear happy.


They aren't going to help you.

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He gained the prize by dint of hard work.


She still buys milk.

My life is falling apart.

We've accomplished a lot of things.

Stevan says he wasn't here yesterday. It must've been someone else.

Please take me with you.

Our car broke down last night.

I ordered them to leave the room.


When he was young, he had an arrogant air.


She died in 1960.


In comparison to mastectomy, lumpectomy removes a smaller percentage of breast tissue.

I bought a new car last week.

An asteroid passed close to Earth on Saturday.

You broke your arm.

I know this must be difficult.

We need to work together in order to make Tatoeba a better website.

Our governments have become space aliens living among a human population.

What did Tuna use the money for?

College is now free in Germany.

His speeches were welcomed by large audiences all over the country.

He is just a Mr Nobody.

I want to take notes.

The soldiers cornered Gregg at the edge of a high cliff.


I would prefer to live in a residential area, not downtown.

He found the party was rather slow.

Marci will have to go there.

Spy didn't even look at Shaw.

Mysore is a man who can be trusted.


She was playing the piano when the guests arrived.

He was propelled by a thirst for revenge.

Were you really boring?

Please take this chart to the X-ray Room on the third floor.

In my free time, I write poetry.


Have you ever been to Boston before?

You are always hearing but not listening.

I'll throw you a bachelor party.

She drank a cup of coffee.

I want to start a family.

In many countries, the death penalty is the most severe punishment.

It is usually at the coffee shop that I meet him.

Do you remember what happened after your birthday party?

Wayne looked relieved.


I don't know what to do and neither does anyone else.

Why do you want to know?

We must prepare so that we will regret nothing.

My son wants to be a professional golfer.

I could go on and on about it, but I won't.

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I thought he loved me.

Betty went to the sea yesterday.

Raja is haunted by the demons of his past.

I felt like I would die.

Nate has been practicing.

I wanted you to know how I felt.

Be careful not to wake them up.

In general, young people today are not interested in politics.

The rocket went up smoothly.

Myths and legends should be handed down from generation to generation.

We'll have to do this ourselves.

Rudolph can't be right.

Go get Tanaka a blanket.


Ed is heroic.

This place is in shambles.

He said he would run 200 kilometers in a day and he did.

I count on Bob.

Go see them.

While in jail, Duncan made the acquaintance of John, an infamous bank robber.

You should have learned how to swim when you were young.

I wish it were fine today.

Plastic is a very modest man.

The explosion shook the ground.

Why don't you go out?

I told you to stay away from my daughter.

No one will go through this door as long as I live.

Christophe loves working outdoors.

What do you want to do while you're here?

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I'll pay for myself.

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Silk is very precious.


I think I could be persuaded to do that.


They're trying.

I appreciate all the help I can get.

You never know where you will be lucky.

The plan met with opposition from the inhabitants.

I'm not like everybody else.

He ran.

In this game, players were not allowed to kick the ball.

Nobody wants to play with him.

I have zero knowledge of programming.

This is all the air that is available to us.

Naresh stepped outside.

My father always discusses his problems with my mother.

You aren't busy now, are you?

This bar is very mean, let's leave it.

Don't let Jon near my kids.

Edinburgh's Waterfront is just one of the many projects that are regenerating UK towns and cities.

Show us where you found Mario.

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He played a very important part in our scientific research.

He went for a swim in the lake every morning.

It's too early to know.

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But no one wanted to hear it.


I know the situation is very difficult for us.


I think I'll go to Boston next month.

I see your problem.

You're the only one who can help us.

Dustin wasn't particularly interested in what was going on.

You're beginning to scare me.

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You don't owe him anything.

You can use my car today.

Gideon has been beaten up pretty badly.

I'll take my coffee black.

I work to live, but I don't live to work.


I went to the hospital yesterday.

Changes came quickly.

I have no experience.


I have information for Darin.

We bought new furniture.

Lester has lost his new umbrella.