We're not getting married.

I play guitar with a band every Saturday night.

I'm already sick.

We'll make sure we do that.

Is Lisa still hanging around the office?

I'm going out today.


I'll never talk to you again.

Courtney is showing his wound.

It keeps you on your toes.


I saw Roxanne briefly today.

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Nils and his classmates are going to an art museum tomorrow afternoon.

Other states take a more hands-off approach.

I'm calling to see if you'd be interested in going to Boston with me next week.

I'm not allowed to tell you.

I doubt if he is honest.

They don't speak French.

Why don't you give me a call?

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He's in hot water.

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Please report discrepancy in data.


Just fake it.

He was always as good as his word.

He has fallen into the habit of putting his hands into his pockets.

It was truly inspirational.

What places do you enjoy?

We'll put you on the list.

Did you all clean your room?

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The sea that we see dancing there along the clear bays has silver reflections ... the sea ... reflections changing in the rain ...


You cannot defect to another country unless you can travel there.

I am looking for someone to share knowledge with.

You're gonna get what you deserve.

Leads didn't eat lunch.

I'd like to talk to you alone.

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No one stops to listen to him.

Phill is obviously disappointed that Harvey isn't here.

In the last fifteen or twenty years, there have been great changes in family life in Britain.

We can't let Elijah keep seeing Stacey.

The next morning, Dima got out of the dumpster, but only to realize that all of his clothes now smelled like garbage.

I'm going to stay home tonight.

I can't tell you how much we've missed you.

I grilled a hotdog for lunch.

She tried to keep abreast of the latest fashions.

What have we become as a society when we need alcohol to enjoy ourselves. It has become a pretext for outlandish behaviour and just plain old debauchery.

I kind of miss Christian.

Everyday life can get a bit monotonous at times.

I was almost in tears.

Alexander didn't die in a car accident.

Man is the only animal that can use fire.

Don't forget to go see Kit tomorrow.

I wondered what Gerard wanted.

Why don't we take Shean there?

Black is depressing.


Allende is a woman's name and a last name.

This article contains some genuinely new ideas.

Do you think Gunnar is vain?

Pitawas believed everything was going to be OK.

I already did my homework at school.

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I'm not hurt.

Where's the bus stop for Grand Hotel?

Bad weather oppressed me.

He fell as if wounded by a bullet.

Tait couldn't think of anything better to do.

I think jogging is good exercise.

Dori certainly is eloquent.

The president urged employees to act on their initiative.

It was cool.

Do you have a map of the city of Kyoto?

Soccer is more popular in Japan than it used to be.

Dan ordered the security guards to close all the exit doors of the facility.

Don't go to illegal meetings.

Rafael has been shot multiple times.

Carlo only listens to B-sides.

Everything militated against his success.

Jamie didn't know the reason why Carl didn't like him.

Brooke had nothing left to drink.

I want answers.

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She speaks clearly enough to be easily understood.


I feel like drinking a beer.

I'm going to go find Dawn.

Your troubles are just beginning.

Damone and Ro can't both be telling the truth.

Such things are often accidental rather than malicious.


By frugality she managed to get along on her small salary.

When the visitor entered the room, we stood to greet him.

That's why I got you this.

That room is too big.

I see no alternative.

He cannot tell right from wrong.

It told Dean that I was happy.

According to the newspaper, he will be here today.

You've been paid.

Let's discuss the matter later.

I need his power.


Oskar is really courageous, isn't he?

Do you take debit cards?

Darci only kissed me once.

Izumi is always postponing things.

This is your one chance, Todd.

It was an unfortunate mistake.

What is over there?

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I know Deborah won't want to do that.


Let's have a gander at this insolent man.


Are you sure you don't want to consider another option?

We'd do anything for you.

She became infatuated with a German soccer player.


He hasn't made a record or had a concert for many years.

My heart fluttered with excitement.

The ice was thick enough for me to walk on.

Malcolm said he saw Skef in the park.

He likes chemistry.

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I speak French with my teachers.


It is essential that some kind of compromise be reached between Pyongyang and Washington.

It's a snap.

There's a new girl in school.

It looked like Paula was searching for something.

We got angry at his words.

There's no elevator.

Skeeter thought Teresa was moving to Boston, but he was mistaken.


She is buying the computer.

I don't like messy places like this. I'd rather live somewhere clean and peaceful.

Music is a form of entertainment.

You disobeyed a direct order and must pay the consequences.

It's not appropriate to wear a red miniskirt to a funeral.


Duane was looking forward to watching the football match he had recorded at home, and he was angry when he overheard someone mention the final score.

I wish I could get it out of my head.

I need to finish writing this report by Monday.

Cathrin took three days off.

Clifford usually takes a bus to work.

It was obvious that Dylan wanted to kiss me.

Why should it be necessary?

I persuaded her after all and went to camp.

Helge said that you'd want to go with us.

Knut wants to talk to you privately.

Beverly and Nicholas both looked worried.


Tell me why you didn't ask him.

My faith in this country was never shaken.

What's new with you?


I can sense he's the one for me.

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Don't you think the dog is smart?

It is possible that he came here when he was a child.

I need that oil that helps with rashes and dry skin.

The rebellion in England is frightening.

Rambo doesn't exist.

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Jonathan filed a complaint.

Put it out of your mind, Mikey.

Jorge is extremely violent.

What's their connection to her?

I don't want to intrude.

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Maybe somebody wants that.

I don't have any homework tonight.

All the critics praised the new movie.

I'll just say it once: there isn't and there's not going to be anything between us.

I don't know if Hilda is safe or not.


Heinz owns a very profitable company.

Don't touch me.

Antonio writes very neatly, doesn't he?

I lent Johnathan the money to pay this month's rent.

Oxford is one of the oldest universities in the world.


Jerome told his boss that Moore wouldn't be coming to work that day.

It doesn't matter what she said.

I nodded to show that I agreed.

Have you ever parked your car on this street?

We didn't want to get in his way.

Clyde weighs as least 70 kilograms.

Bryce is a lot shorter than I am.

Where did you and Kiki first meet?

He was panting.

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There must be something else to eat.


He knows how to captivate his audience.