Puritans were very important.

Roxana withheld some important information.

Do you believe in a higher power?

This looks like another government cover-up.

Why aren't you outraged?

She forced him to sit down.


Maurice is a raw vegan. He only eats raw non-animal products.


The instinct of self-defense is inherent in any animal.

Do exactly what I tell you to do.

Pagans have deified life and Christians have deified death.


I have had a stroke before.

That's not unusual, is it?

Slaves make a life for themselves.

I can't express myself in French very well.

I repair computers almost every day.

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He put a lot of time and effort into preparing for the exam.


Dan's business dinner didn't end well.

The man wants to know the truth.

Shoot yourself with a shotgun.

Is Harv a member of the Royal Family?

No one was prepared for what happened next.

She ignored me even when she met me on the street.

They said they never saw Trey.

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I'm not very good at it.

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I told Hugh to take his time.

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Do you want me to bring you anything?

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He is washing the car.

Illness prevented him from doing his work.

During the test, she felt very sick, so she got a pass to go to the toilet.

We'll do better.

I am a fan of conservatism.


I wonder if Jwahar is able to understand French.


Let me at least talk to her.


Try harder.


Connie cut his sister a piece of cake.

Everyone has the right to education.

Thanks to which I was up nearly all night.

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Olof was being blackmailed by Srikanth.

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I was looking up musicals in Berlin and there are some interesting musicals to say the least.

This bread is gluten-free.

He was sound asleep.


Once you have begun to do anything, never give it up.


Kevyn helped the police catch the thief.


He was killed with a sword.

"Is Pradeep on our team?" "No, he's on the other team."

How many students are there in your university?

I've been thinking about you all day.

I'd never betray her.


I'm not invited to parties.


A strong wind is blowing and I can't go fast.

I need to feed Jon.

A large bird landed on the windowsill.

I'm sure Melinda would approve.

This house is built from Brazilian lumber.

"Bye, see you tomorrow." "Oh, what's this? Leaving on the dot again?"

Thomas handed it to Pria.

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The walls have ears.

Claude got a raise.

Shakil had no qualms about lying.


I can see you're busy, so I'll get right to the point.

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On account of ill health the writer couldn't go through with the work.

What's Leith have to do with it?

I feel very happy.

Talented people are born every day.

It's a sacred right.

Let's hope Gypsy is right.

Will a referendum soon give Corsica back its independence?

Why doesn't the U.S. switch to the metric system?

Kent is no longer at home.

I get up early in the morning.

Is there a pattern?


Does this have to be done now?

Don't call Ilya names.

His cheeks turned red.

I'm telling you this because I don't want to have any secrets from you.

Wild animal attacks on the human population increase when their habitat is encroached upon and invaded.


Floria came to ask for help.

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A tall tree projects its long shadow on the water.

Sheep are feeding in the meadow.

Triantaphyllos says he's not ready to go.

Hillel can't stay here.

I'm sorry to see Hazel leave.


I'm sorry, I don't know what else to say.

The following example of sick humor will enable you to judge for yourself.

Where can I buy a brush?


You're not excused from the table.


There were no knives.


I know you want to see him.

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I thought we were finished with that.

Let's set a time and day and have lunch together!

He got the first prize in the contest.

I'd be in favor of that.

Please hurry!

Pascal and Panos are at one of the tables in the back of the restaurant.

I just want to be a good person.

Willie's doing a good job under very difficult circumstances.

Do they know it well?

I hope you do fine.

Nicholas and Maria love each other.

He's a rice farmer.

Entering the foe's camp is full of danger.

I'm warning you that you will be eaten.

Damon never was greedy.

I have a lot to think about in relation to the affair.

I just don't love Sofia.

How do I contribute audio in Tatoeba?

I heard a funny noise.


The naive man blushed with shame.

I want to stay in America for a few years.

Wolfgang improved his results.

My study absorbed me in those days.

Woody took out a loan in order to buy a car.


I came in third.


The newspaper said that contact with the plane had been lost.

She means it.

Marsha thinks that if he had tried a little harder, he could have won the race.

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We'll take Mitchell with us.

How long will we have?

You'd better eat something.

I want to ask you about Wade.

That's last year's snow.

Manny apparently can't speak French.

Sarah only speaks French with his parents.

We don't like the rain.

Was there anything on the news about the accident?

Another coffee, please.

Can one see the difference?

The police in Warsaw got the habit of searching people in the streets.

We don't want to lose.


Boy is my face red.

I would like to meet you.

Many people in the audience didn't understand your joke.

Marvin might make a good stepdad.

Is it true that Amy killed her husband?

Was it a dream or not?

I'm employed by a French lawyer.


I do not know how to distinguish between our waking life and a dream. Are we not always living the life that we imagine we are?

This is the first time I've cut my finger with a knife.

People, old and young, all came out to greet the guests.

Where are my wings?

Provided you have a reservation, you can check in anytime.

Shaw swung the bat, but missed the ball.

One may only catch the tiger cub by entering the tiger's den.

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The driver does not have responsibility for the traffic accident.


Just give me a couple minutes.

How does this look?

Everybody is afraid of criticism.

I'll tell Sanand if I don't forget.

Not counting Portuguese, I only know Esperanto.

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She is economically independent of her parents now.


Nobody will stop us.

I am afraid he will make a mistake.

How ridiculous I was as a Marionette! And how happy I am, now that I have become a real boy!

Oskar solved that problem.

The young girl was haughty to me.

Srikanth said that he'd never seen anything like this before.

Bud killed his brother with their father's gun.

I'm not telling you anything.

If only you had told me the whole story at that time!