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BelVpn services are useful for users who travel, and for users/companies that need virtual private networks (VPNs).
We are offering a secure way of accessing the Internet and all of the user's services (e-mail, browsing, instant messaging, VoIP applications), even via the public networks (airports, WiFi hotspots, hotels).
Most of the online financial services (banks, money transfer services, eBay, PayPal) might limit or block access to an user account if an IP address change is detected. Same goes to most of the online stores. With us, you can have an IP address from your geographical area (Country, State, sometimes even city) even if you are travelling (nationwide or abroad).
Our system can be used by users behind firewalls, or even if the Internet Service Provider blocks access to some services (like VoIP or p2p). We can also setup secure connections between two or more computers (does not matter if they are behind firewalls or not) for data sharing or various applications (backups, database replication, etc).
The data transmitted between your computer and our server(s) is secured via 256bit encryption, minimizing the risk of someone intercepting communication between you and your mail, instant messaging or other service you might use. You can even get a fixed, dedicated ip address with port forwarding if your ISP does not provide that.
The connection options are either various IPsec clients , or OpenVPN. We do not offer connections via PPtP, because of the known security issues of the protocol.

However, we do not provide anonymous internet. We do not accept anonymous payment methods, and we record user info and ip addresses used to connect to our system for a period of 2 years. If a crime has been commited, we will provide all the info to the proper authorities. We provide security, not tools to commit crimes. For more info please read About Us / Terms of Service